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My worrying


Hey all!!! I got a new phone yesterday. I got the iPhone 12 Pro and I was eating my heart out with worry because I was afraid that all my data would be gone and I wouldn’t remember the password to log back into this support group, so I copied and pasted the link to word and put stuff I didn’t want to lose on my computer. But when I got my new phone all my data transferred, and that included my searches, my notes, my texts, Snapchat, everything was already saved. Now I feel bad for worrying so much. I seem to awfulize things a lot. Now that I’ve been learning about ADHD, I realize this may have a lot to do with it. Sometimes I worry over things that really were never a big deal, but it’s hard to know what is a big deal and what isn’t. And then afterwards it’s usually fine, and if it’s not, I can handle it better than I thought I could. All in all it’s never worth my worrying, but I can’t really stop. I write a lot and that helps me vent. Any other advice? I’m guessing I’ll always worry a lot. But how do you all cope?

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I think that worry is subjective. Something could definitely be worrisome to one person but not another. I also would have been stressed about a phone change. Like A LOT! For the exact same reason. I don’t know my passwords, user names, notes, lists etc.

I also used to be the exact same way with much of what you said. The constant worry about small situations, over thinking and then if something does happen, I usually did just fine. It’s anxiety and I had it in spades when I was undiagnosed and unmedicated. It often accompanies ADHD. However, my anxiety completely disappeared when I started my medication, Adderall. Of all the ADHD meds Adderall is usually associated with increase some people’s anxiety but it was the right medication for me. Medications are also subjective. If you’re medicated and still experiencing anxiety I would either increase you medication or try a different one. My anxiety was 100% caused by my ADHD and treating the ADHD cured my anxiety AND depression! Along with many other things.

Hope this helps.

It does, thanks. I take Methylphenidate. While it doesn’t take away my worry, it helps me handle it better and I’m much more focused and organized and I’m more apt to follow through on stuff. One of the side effects is that it suppresses people’s appetites. That’s definitely true for me, but I haven’t lost too much weight. But my doctor worries I may lose more if we up it, and plus, my meds are working. But thank you.

Yes, the Adderall has really helped with my anxiety too (worrying)...they go hand in hand but the Adderall allows me to focus/be productive which helps the's quite amazing really...I'm very busy and stressed right now with life - work, personal, if I don't take my Adderall I'm a mess - 30 minutes after taking it I'm in better shape to stay on task and not escalate to a full on anxiety attack. When I'm not under pressure - lots of multi-tasking going on - I don't take my Adderall but recently I'm taking it everyday because it's so obvious that when I don't take it I'm not doing very well.


I worry all the time too and it generally works to my benefit with tasks - work related and personal. I try not to burden those around me with my worry but I have a few good support resources that know my struggles and are very patient with me - listen - calm me down. Provide suggestions...I find writing helps too. I move very fast so I need to 'save' everything before I send it if it's very important - I usually find errors or make changes (simplify /edit down). I am my own editor -- but I write as I speak so I have to be mindful of everything I put out there to no overwhelm the receiver. I'm more cognisant of these issues since my diagnosis, maturity, hard lessons....sometimes I let things 'percolate' that are worrying me and sometimes the issues goes away - on it's long as I remain responsible and accountable --then this is ok,

Like you, I have a new phone (Samsung 20) sitting in my office for a month now. Too worried about the data transfer as well and being 'down' for too long. I usually have someone at Rogers or Best Buy assist with a phone switch but with covid - I'm on my own. I will figure it out - just have to pick the right time - relaxed - on a weekend...

Anyways keep breathing and worrying because generally, those that worry -CARE and are valued in the work place - just manage it and be professional. Have private melt downs or call a friend - take a walk. It will all work out because you have it! You are smart and tenacious.


Again, thanks for the encouragement. I’m starting to write as I speak because my thoughts can come and go faster than a nanosecond. I either write it down or collect my thoughts and stuff. I used to talk to myself to let it out, but I’ve been learning to keep it in my head because people may misinterpret it as me being some weirdo. I also do therapy. Therapy helps so much. 🙂

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