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I think nicotine helped me a lot. If i consider taking it again will it be a sin?

Note that: Every doctor told me that decision of quitting cigarette was good.

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Hey Askin are you on medication? Nicotine gives a very short lived dopamine hit.

I am not taking any medication. The last dose i finished 14 months ago. I'm doing well most of the time but at the end of the day i feel i have ADD. Fatigue is a problem which i Sometimes feel.

Really it's up to you, I think nicotine is really demonized today. I know a few guys that just chew nicc gum, so they don't get the negative affects of inhaling it. I think it also helped me, it does act as a CNS, so of course it would be helpful. In the end I chose to stop using it because of the effects I noticed with respect to my skin health. So yeah, at the end of the day it's your call to make, but I would at least make sure you know what you'd be getting into.

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I will report you after taking it. :)

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I switched from cigarettes to vaping but find it extremely helpful to reduce anxiety.

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A lot of times i thought about vaping but because of dillema due to debates over it and as i know little about it.

Doesn't have to go the inhalant route, at all. Besides the obvious, expensive gum, find an Asian market and read the labels of all the offshore energy drinks: some will likely include nicotine; and I've known people to take nicotine vaping solutions sublingually, a drop at a time, as needed.

Not “my speed”, personally—I hear the withdrawal is pretty sharp, and there's still some likelihood of irritant effects that could predispose cancers; but for those for whom it works, it works.

My own, over-the-counter “go to”, on occasions when medication falls short, tends to be either yerba mate or caffeine tablets.

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Thank. I tried coffee for caffeine and it worked well but after days my tinnitus (i have it as a high frequency sound) got louder. Then i abruptly (that was may be the mistake) quit it. Immediately after that my energy level got crushed. Now, i am considering try it again but never after noon.

There are better, safer ways to get a similar benefit without as many negative side effects.

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Can you elaborate?

How and what are the ways

Nicotine is a quick-acting stimulant, and therefore highly addictive. All stimulants work on dopamine, which gives us focus and makes us feel good. Other methods of increasing dopamine are less treacherous, like exercise, or doing things that help other people, or accomplishing a task you find personally meaningful, or taking a walk in the outdoors.

Thanks for your valuable information.

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