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I need study and organizational tips

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Hi My name is Cameron and I have suffered from ADHD since early childhood. I'm also Bi Polar and a recovering Alcoholic/Addict. So any ways I have been studying to become a personal trainer and recently I have been struggling to find the discipline to actually study. As always I started of very enthusiastic and I was very interested in learning the information and I could study for hours at a time. Now not so much. This always happens to me I failed all through school and failed out of community college several times. I'm on stimulant medication it helps but I'm still finding my attention drifting. I'm going to try to use a timer to help me stay focused and I'm trying to use a calendar to organize my time. Im also considering an ADHD coach I have a therapist and my mom is coaching me in addition to that. Any tips on staying motivated and staying focused would be very helpful.

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Hey cameron1988,

You mentioned using a timer, which I think is a great idea. What kind are you using?

Have you heard of the pomodoro timer? I used it with my daughter for schoolwork that way it would keep us on track and we wouldn’t be as tempted to get distracted by every little thing around us.

I am using the be focused timer. It works pretty great. If you or your daughter are struggling with ADHD symptoms I would highly recommend a good diet and exercise. I notice when I am not eating well I'm totally out of focus. The people around me notice as well.

I find that writing out my schedule for the day and a list of tasks that I need to do helps. It also helps to chunk out times to focus on specific things - such as housework, paperwork, kids, errands, etc. (although I’m not always great at sticking to this). I do best with following a task list or “to do list” and I put a check box next to each task. If it’s studying it sometimes helps to break down the tasks such as - study one subject for 15 minutes or read pages —- . If you can, try to study or work on things that require the most focus when you know the stimulant is at its peak.

Hi there! It's frustrating to have a brain that's constantly seeking something new and exciting! I get it. Finding a study partner is an idea, although it would be difficult if you're taking online classes. What about approaching the owner of a small, locally owned gym and asking if they can mentor you? If you're able, maybe you could shadow a personal trainer and offer to help clean the gym or do other tasks in exchange for their time and help? It would also get you a reference and possibly a job down the road.

Have you read SPARK by John Ratey? It's a book about how exercise changes the brain and helps with things like ADHD, depression, etc. You're going into a great field for yourself! Perhaps picking up a copy of this book will be an extra motivator to push through studying to help people like yourself.

I'm in my 40s, but I recently returned to school. It's tough, especially the online classes that don't provide structure the same way a scheduled in-person class does. It's difficult for me to create the structure on my own. What works best for me is doing my homework/studying first thing in the morning because I tend to procrastinate and get distracted as the day goes on. Your most productive part of the day might be different. Try to pay attention to when you're most productive and plan to study then. My only other tricks are standing to study and having water or some other healthy drink and a lot of snacks to keep me "busy" while I have to focus. Keep using the timer too! It's good to have several strategies to rotate since we always need something new! --same with workouts, right?! I'll bet you're always switching up your exercises! Best of luck to you.

What about exercise? No meds work for my Inattentive ADHD, or the anxiety & depression I sometimes have, & I've recently started walking regularly a few times a week. My favorite part is spending time outdoors getting green time, which is so therapeutic! Even if you have to force yourself, do it! Go to a nearby park if your neighborhood isn't great for walking. Not only will it boost your mood (the longer you do it the more the benefits), but it'll help your focus, as well.

Oh, & hopefully you're eating well and not much carbs, sugar, & other junk. For some people Keto works, but seems a little extreme to me. You want a good amount of protein, a little bit of carbs, & lots of fruits and veggies. And drink 8 glasses of a water a day. If it's hot out, you'll be drinking more. If you don't drink enough water you may feel tired. Lots of info here, so I hope I haven't overwhelmed you!

Other than that, I think what you're doing is great! We all have these challenges with ADHD, but keep going & be good to yourself. Talk lovingly to yourself. You are trying, & you will succeed!

I like to cycle Im trying to ride my bicycle more. I have to get up early. I live in Florida and gets pretty hot pretty early.

That's great! I know exactly what you mean because I too am in FL, so I go early or before the sun goes down.

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