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Volunteers Needed for a Nutrition and ADHD Research Study

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Hello everyone! I am looking for adults with ADHD (and no other medical or mental health issues) that are not currently taking any medications or supplements to treat the ADHD symptoms. I am looking at how the nutrients we eat may or may not affect our ADHD symptoms. Contact me if you are interested. I'll share my findings with everyone when the study is completed.

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Colorlove in reply to Colorlove

I would love to!

If you are still interested in participating, send me an email to SJackson@Saybrook.edu

Would like to participate

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BeachyWriter in reply to akdlife

If you are still interested in participating, send me an email to SJackson@Saybrook.edu

I would love 2 participate!

I would love to take part in a study like that but unfortunately I have got other conditions which I take medication for and I take concerta XL for my ADHD. Also I live in the UK so I'm thinking that the fact that I live in a different continent might be a bit of an issue 😝 good luck with your study, I hope you get some interesting results. Are you going to keep us updated on here?

I am diagnosed with ADD. I also have dyslexia and Specific Learning Disabilities. I dont know if those would throw me out of your study. I have never taken anything for my ADHD.

I would love to participate.

I may be interested. I’d like more info.

Thank you for showing interest. I am currently battling SurveyMonkey to try to figure out how to get it to work correctly and in a way that I am not screaming and tearing my hair out. As soon as I get it working, I will contact each of you separately.

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I would love to participate, but I don’t find what I eat, having any effect on my ADHD, or at least I’m not aware of it.

Okay! I have SurveyMonkey up and running! Send me an email to SJackson@Saybrook.edu if you are interested in participating. You will not be forced to eat anything new or to give up anything. It is about timing of when certain items are consumed. And yes, I will post my findings here when I am done. (All volunteers will be given a code # and none of your personal information, not even what you like to eat, will be made public.)

I realize this was posted 5 months ago, but are you still looking for volunteers or has this study concluded?? Thank you!

Bringg on the "chef"

Yes, what you eat matters. I suppose, I am an outlier on this site, but I know there are more people Dx w/ADHD who are high achievers, and do not struggle in employment, academia and other domains. I eat clean, no preservatives or additives, and I stay away from sugar. I eat lots of fruit and vegetables and seafood. I also find HIIT , endurance running, and sports to give me a fix, I have been active since I was a child and continue to find ways to nourish mind and body! I do not get sick. I cannot recall the last time I missed work but I also strive for excellence and my career and life align with values and passions! I believe this is critical for ADHD’ers to thrive! I also take amino acids, which I also find beneficial . I never took medications and graduated with 3 degrees and summa cum laude and cum laude.

I have made this my life’s practice and self-study, experimentation, and being in touch with mind and body is a must also. I am not interested in being a research experiment, but I know for a fact food affects ADHD. I also work with this population and others Dx w/ Neurodevelopmental Conditions and have seen significant benefits when color/dyes, preservatives, additives are eliminated this includes medications as inactive ingredients are culprits too. People are sensitive to their environments and ADHD is no exception, just more sensitive. We are all on a spectrum! Good Luck with the study !


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