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does anyone receive judgment for utilizing adhd medication as one of your tools for managment?


How could I be doing something wrong if it helps me, among other strategies to be a "normal adult." I was diagnosed as a child with adhd but not prescribed medication until I was 19 (now 27). Once I found the right Rx (and counselor) I finally felt "normal." Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a cure all but has really improved my quality of life.

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Oh my those in the medical treatment field as well as those who aren’t; tho I will admit most of the negative feedback was/is from people in the treatment arena, i.e. MD’S, PHD’S, RN’S and MSW’s. I was diagnosed when I was in my mid 30’s, my first med treatment was Adderall XR 20mg. It really was a life changing med for me. However, through the years I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut about that part of my treatment unless the person in question really needs to know, such as my primary care provider, certain close friends, etc..

I do want to stress the medications were just one part of my treatment. I also went through cognitive treatment and life management training. Some people can just go through the non-medicine part and be successful, unfortunately I am not one of them.

You’re not doing anything wrong. Taking care of yourself is good and that’s why you’re feeling well. I can relate even though I have just been diagnosed at 63 . Every one thought that because I was on diet pills and not losing weight that I was addicted. Those pills helped me. When I was finally diagnosed and given a script for adderall by a psychiatrist it didn’t matter a lot of people still thought I was an addict or faking it. Unfortunately ADHD is under the mental health umbrella. There needs to be more research to understand more about it. They have found 10 or more gene’s connected to adhd still not a lot of answers. You may see a cure in your lifetime I hope you do. For now you just keep taking care of yourself.

Thank you for your reply! when i was a sophomore in high school i actually started to take diet pills you could get from the food store ( at the time I was overweight even though i was in sports ) and similarly, they did not help me lose weight but i noticed that when i was at school i was able to focus a little bit better and my grades began to improve. I only used them for a little while but looking back to that time i remember feeling more confident in my academics and in other areas. When i was prescribed adhd medication though, it was like night and day.


This past year I've had some insights that really helped me with feeling judged for meds and diagnosis etc. I had felt a lot of judgement over the years and shame. It's pretty simple. A good councilor told me to try this mindset

1 "It's none of my business what you think of me, unless you make it my business."

We really have no control over what others think. Nor can we

Enlighten them. That's their business. You can give a kind boundary if they make it your business. Be confident and simple in your response. "This works for me like a pair of glasses works for others. '

No need for shame or guilt it anything else. Knowing and loving and understanding you is your business.

Also pair this with

2 It is not my purpose, responsibility or job to get you or make you understand me, it's my job/mission to understand myself. Love yourself and grow confident. That is where I'm at presently after being down the rabbit hole of worry what others think and trying to make them understand me for years. When you do that, you will find new stepping stone's along a more fulfilling and satisfying path. Keep going. Best

Hi! Not at all.

Why fear the judgments of people anyway. You started a prescription late, but you would be doing well without it all these years, so it is not chronic at all.

Just as we require vitamins for any deficiency in the body, similarly, we will need a dose to balance ourselves a bit, and that is fine. We tend to overthink, and it makes us even more uncomfortable.

It is just not only the prescription but your willpower, perhaps also your lifestyle, diet, and newer perspective to life that you live with now.

I do wish you well on the journey.

Feel good and even join some healthy positive support groups for like-minded individuals who help us to rise and shine every day.

I was diagnosed at 7 years old. I was not really aware that something was wrong. I took meds for it but that just became my new normal. It helped a lot (no more meltdowns while doing homework for example). As I grew older I started to get more self conscious about my need for meds. My mom always reminded me that my brain is just formed slightly differently and the meds help to fix the connections. It is just a little extra help. I used to wonder why my mom never told my close extended family (we are really close with two of my aunts) about my ADHD. She told me that she didn't want anyone to see me as different. She was never embarrassed just trying to protect me.

Basically what I am trying to say is if you need to use meds then own it. If that is what you need then don't let anyone put you down or shame you for it because you are doing what is best for you. :) I hope this helps a little.

thank you for your reply!

i was in second grade when teachers/parents began set up strategies for me. Retrospectively I was absolutely a handful on my parents and teachers (i was a little bit of a "problem" student with all the usual behaviors incomplete work, excessive talking, not following directions, my desk was moved next to the teachers desk or away from the other kids), and wonder how i may have benefitted from starting medication as a child.

i don't feel negatively towards them that they didn't use medication as a strategy for me as a child but i have thought about how i, and my parents might have benefitted.

I had a childhood friend who i knew was taking medication for their adhd and so i always like to hear other peoples experiences that started medication younger than i did. :)

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