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I need to find a better medication

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Why is it so difficult to get prescribed the right medications? I've never been diagnosed with ADHD but I know I have it. It's like every doctor just wants to put a band aid on things. I take Zoloft now that helps some to fix my mood but it does nothing to actually help with the ADHD, it just masks it.

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I can relate im taking Ritalin 20mg sr once daily and it wears off after about 4 hours and the doctor s don't want to prescribe anything that might work...i have been looking for a new shrink because of this but no luck...u can call ur insurance company and they will give u a list of doctors taking new clients.good luck

I think most docs won’t prescribe any stimulant meds until you are actually diagnosed. Have you gone through that process yet? I know where I live a doctor can loose his/her license if he/she prescribes any controlled med without proper documentation supporting such treatment. I would urge you to contact an provider who offers such testing procedures so you can get the treatment you desire.

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Pomelo in reply to SkbOH

This is the best advice for this situation. You won’t get the right meds without a diagnosis.

Think about going to a psychiatrist They will test you and then prescribe the correct medicine

Have you ever thought of Adderall? It is known to produce calming effects for ADHD.

Just do not worry; there are many issues like this and are fairly common.

Adderall is helpful, and the main effect is to increase dopamine levels.

Just pair it with a healthy lifestyle and good work out regime.

There are also different types of ADHD, so each type of medication will vary too.

It does take some experimentation to get the "right" medicine.

Let Adderral be administered and monitored by a doctor.

It comes in two forms: Adderall and Adderall XR(longer-acting). Some tolerate one form better than the other.

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