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So glad to find a tribe!


At 63, it's been interesting to watch so many pieces of my life fall into place with the diagnosis of ADHD (despite the fact I have worked with kids with ADHD for years!) I can't believe there is no support group through CHADD here in Marin County, California!!! Crazy, but happy to find all of you ;-)

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There’s a lot of people here that are willing to share... being diagnosed gave a lot of clarity on my past, and answers a few questions about the why I did and didn’t do things.

Are CHADD support groups regular face to face meetings where people ADHD talk about there lives and build support networks? If so is there an ‘online’ or ‘skype’ version that you know of? I didn’t even know there were ADHD support meetings. Certainly not in the UK. Welcome too!

We are glad you found this website. I see that you're in the San Francisco-Oakland area of CA. I agree with Sausages99 about seeking for support groups. I think that meeting face to face would be more beneficial if you can find that. Hang in there!

Very thankful as well! Now 67 yrs., diagnosed at 54. Local support grps seem few and far between. I've found Vyvanse to be helpful for focus and concentration and have been less anxious than when I was taking Adderall. I had understood it would last about 12 hrs with less of a crash but it just lasts about 8 hrs for me.

I take Strattera 2x a day. My improved focus and ability to take on tasks without being completely overwhelmed by them (they used to always look infinite rather than manageable) has been a real benefit. I am also more patient and less irritable, particularly at myself! It took 3 or 4 tries to get to the right drug for me so don’t give up hope!

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