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Buddy system or group chat for ADHD


Is anybody aware of a buddy system or group chat for people with ADHD?

I find lots of good advice on this and many other online sources, but sometimes I feel the need to bounce a question or thought to someone else who may be in or have lived a similar situation. Calling a neurotypical friend or a loved one sometimes helps, but often they don’t seem to understand where the question or comment is coming from, so their reactions or feedback (although well intended) may feel dismissive, rejecting or hurtful (Just do it! Stop finding excuses! That’s simple to figure out! etc.)

I realize there are blogs, but I see the responses or comments often take a long time to build up, and we are now in a time where WhatsApp and other chat channels seem to be more appropriate for timely sharing (although I recognize that the constant source of distraction may not be the best for ADHDers ☺️, but it’s not like there aren’t plenty of other distractions anyway).

Thank you in advance for your comments.

ADHDer trying to make the most of it

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Is there a CHADD group near you? I found the one local to me through the Meetup app initially. I assume they also have connections through this website. Have currently been working with the local leader to set up Zoom for the time being. There are also apps where you and a stranger essentially facetime while doing a thing you have put off for a while.

Thanks for your response. I am in Canada (Quebec), so I think CHADD is not as well organized as in the US. I will have a look at Meetup and search for the apps you mention.

Thanks again and take good care.

How awesome an app to enourage people to do something they have been putting off - definitely will search for that. Thank you. (and for all the comments and replies in this post)

I’m curious about the FaceTime app you mentioned. Would you please let me know the name of it?

Recentness--there are new groups forming online now b/c of covid19. There is also peer counseling. Try MindShare or Rebel Talent

Thanks a lot. I can imagine this being the case.

I’ll check them out.

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