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Started vyvanse about 2 weeks ago

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Been on adderall for years now I’m on vyvanse and it’s different. I want to know how others feel about vyvanse.

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How do you like your new medication?

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Lovinit in reply to LoveDogs71

I like it, I think it’s working the way it should, I think I need some time getting used to it. For me it feels much more mellow then the adderall, i don’t feel any side effects. I need give it more time. I’m very happy I made the switch from adderall to vyvanse for me it was a mature decision and an opportunity to get my life together

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CTNico in reply to Lovinit

What are the main differences? Do you think switching between adderall and vyvanze would be helpful? I find it is a crap shoot if I get a good experience on adderall, and if I am at all tired, adderall is of no help at all.

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Lovinit in reply to CTNico

Thanks for responding. Have you tried both medications before? Are or were either of them helpful to you? Your comment on when you’re tired and you take an adderall and it doesn’t help, I agree to that with with all 4 adhd medications I’ve tried. If I’m tired I’m tired and that’s my indexation that I need to rest.

I’ve been on vyvanse for a week now. So far What changed about me is I’m much more calmer ( not experiencing extreme highs and lows) on a scale of 1-10 my level stays mostly at a 5 and sometimes it’s little lowers or a little higher but doesn’t last very long, my mind feels like it’s slowed down (not having racing thoughts all the time), I feel like the day moves a lot slower and it’s a lot more boring, I do a lot of nothing, but I am also doing what I have to do. But I think I’ve just chilled out a lot, I don’t feel like I always have to be doing something all the time. I think mainly what I feel is like I feel like what my normal self is supposed to feel like and I am relieved because I feel like it’s fixed a lot of the struggles I was having with my adderall. I’m not used to this new way of feeling. I do know this is the way I want to should feel but like I mentioned I’m not used to it. 1/2 my life I wasn’t on medication the other 1/2 I think I was on the wrong medication so this is new for me. And I just want to hear from others to share their experiences because for one thing for me having adhd I feel so alone and don’t feel like I have anyone to relate to about this and I hope reading omwhat other people’s experience and stories it will help me work though things happing in my life

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Oofaloofa16 in reply to Lovinit

I'm on vyvanse 40mg. And I was wondering what do you mean exactly about how you said "normal self is suppose to feel"?. I've been on vyanse for maybe 1 month ish. And I always been without medication before this time. And I've been feeling like my old self like idk how to explain exactly. But I'm me but myself without medication is trying to sabotage me. Idk, does that make any sense. Like not sabotage but if I do what I do when I had no medication I feel out of sorts. I really hope this makes sense because I need answers. Like I'm more calming,chill other people have said that since I've been on medication. And know when I mess up. Or when people are treating me wrongly now. Like I can notice that a little more. But not much

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StoneJeweler in reply to CTNico

Maybe you need to listen to your body and rest?

I'm currently on both vyvanse and adderall -- vyvanse daily, and adderall on afternoons I have class late at night, because I was noticing a dip around 4-5pm (not a classic crash/major issue, but i needed some additional support to pay attention in those classes that last until 9pm).

I think the big difference is the consistency vyvanse provides -- I don't feel a typical crash where I can kind of chart, "yup, my meds are wearing off riiiight here" the way I do when I take my adderall. I liked that the vyvanse wears off almost entirely by the time I need to go to bed; sometimes if I take adderall too late, it keeps me wired for a while. My doc also said something about the way the medicine 'activates' in your stomach, which I was told also means its more difficult to abuse the drug, and that helped w/ my anxiety about starting adhd meds in the first place.

Thanks for your reply, I’m on vyvanse because I wasn’t taking my adderall correctly anymore and the vyvanse is working for me. I’m not as motivated and I get tired pretty quickly but I think I need to give it a few months and work on my diet and exercise all around health.

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StoneJeweler in reply to Lovinit

Great idea, no excellent idea!

The reason it’s harder to abuse is because the medicine isn’t actually released until it reaches the liver(what i mean by “the medicine” is the good stuff in Vyvanse). Either way this keeps people from snorting the medicine or even Injecting it, because it just won’t string you out or give you a high feeling. Typically when people do this they experience the side affects and they experience them intensely

I don't feel hungry at all using Venvanse, and if I'm alone I can really focus in something, like I need do do something, but the lack of hunger makes me really angry, I can stay a entire day without eating.

Vyvanse is called elvanse in UK and is the extended release version of Dexamphetamine sulphate. Because it works differently to D-Amp it provides a longer and smoother effect and is less likely to cause a typical crash when wearing off , and is prescribed more now because it has less abuse potential to instant release tablets

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Lovinit in reply to foolishdog

I’m so glad I switched to vyvanse like you said it’s smoother, Ive been now on it 3 weeks and I feel a lot better now, I’ve got my normal energy back. It feels like I’m not on anything at all and I like that

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foolishdog in reply to Lovinit

That's good to hear ☺

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Lovinit in reply to foolishdog

Thank you so much. I’m really proud of myself

Adderall didn't help me. I've been on Vyvanse for 2 months & I feel great! Not only has my mood improved but I just feel better, more productive & open to new experiences.

Good question, I think what I meant was vyvanse, at the right dose made me feel what I think normal should feel like for me. I went for a long period of time on Adderall, too high of a dose and those highs felt good, but it wasn’t who I was. I was going too much. It didn’t feel like what I think normal should feel like for me. I think what I want to say is the medication should help improve some of your adhd symptoms but not change you.

Hi, I’ve been on Vyvanse for a few months and I love it. It has given me the ability to perform pretty well in a very detail-oriented, stressful job. I could never have pulled this off otherwise— because my ADHD makes me so scattered without it. I have lost weight but that has been good for me., so I don’t mind. But everyone is different so if it doesn’t work for you, ask your doc about other options.

I don’t get as cranky at the end I tend to be a little more compulsive with cleanliness or maybe that how people really think 😂 overall great experience what dose are you on I think 60mg is ends up being what 20mg of adderall is. I was scared initially but my psychiatrist was totally right feel on top of the world

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