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Sensitivity to Voice Tone


I am curious does people with ADD/ ADHD respond to other people's voice tones when they sound mean and/ or angry. I am not speaking about hypersensitive to everybody's voice tones. Can you tell when someone's voice tone is going into the negativity? I am not sure how to ask this question, so did the best I could. And you can answer to what you feel is right for you. Can you tell when someone close to you has a change in their voice tone? And of course, I am very new here!

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I sure do and I have also noticed as I'm getting older I'm more sensitive to sound of people's voice tone in the evening. Like it's too loud when it's not. I'm wondering if it's because I'm overloaded with so much stimuli through the day from noise that by the end of the day I'm more sensitive. It doesn't happen all the time. I have my bad days and good days. Yes. To answer your question I sure do notice people's tone sounding angry or mean. Sometimes I do notice a change in voice tone to those I'm close to.

I also have experienced the sensitivity that you shared as well, especially if I am overly stimulated (I am agreeing with you) and/or too tired. The worst it has every gotten that I was sensitive to all sounds, including Classical Music. This was over a decade ago. Thanks for relating to my sensitivity to voice tones of negative emotionalism.

Dang, this is a thing? I thought it was bc my family yelled a lot when I was younger and now I'm hypersensitive to it. I made my coworker shut off her Xmas music once bc it was too loud. Jokingly they put a bahumbug sign on my door. I swear I live in the Loud Family from Saturday night live. Both my husband and daughter scream, or that's how it feels. Man, maybe it's the ADHD, never considered that. Thanks for posting

For me I am becoming really sensitive to loud noise. I think it has to do with my ears but the mental aspect cannot be overlooked. I am sure aging has something to do with it also. I am often irritated by loud noise and sometimes use earplugs when I am on the train.

Yes. It will stop me in my tracks. I notice it even when the person speaking doesn’t. And I feel it too. Hope that makes sense. I’m intensely sensitive to others emotions.

I am another person grateful that has been brought up! I relate to your comments, and to responses also.

I can be over-talking, trying to tell a story but getting lost down 'backstory' or side trips. That's how things are in my mind, like dominoes. So it's ironic how much, or crudely, I can talk, but also be so tender to comments in harsh sounding tones of voice. I have judged myself harshly, like I am almost looking for ways to get my feelings hurt. I pay great attention to courtesy, and I notice the absence of it in others.

Same. Great question!

Yes & I feel it to.

Yes, I'm very sensitive to sound anyways so the tone/sound/volume of a person's voice can be physically painful for me. Not sure if that helps answer your question but that's my experience. I might be on the asd/autism spectrum and I am in the process of getting tested.

While i am struggling with the same issue I find myself responding negatively, and not realizing my own tone.

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