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Wellbutrin for ADHD experiences & expertise needed


Hi. I am new here and grateful to have found this group.

I am in my 40s and have been on 300mg Wellbutrin xl for one year. It is the first prescription medication for my ADHD that I have taken.

At first the results were phenomenal - my attention is focused and I no longer crave dopamine hits. Those benefits continue now, but I also am less and less interested in people and the activities that used to bring me joy. I am becoming depressed and concerned that this path away from people and social activities is unending. I don't recognize myself.

Do you have experience with Wellbuturin? If so, how does this differ from yours? Does this resonate at all? Have you found differences between 150mg/day and 300mg/day?

Also, I am looking for an expert (preferably in the SF Bay Area) to work with regarding my symptoms and titration. I am the first patient my psychiatrist has prescribed Wellbutrin for adult ADHD. I need to work with someone with more patient experience and expertise.

Thank you in advance for your insights and recommendations!

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I too ended up feeling the same way after ma y years on wellbutrin. Now I'm very isolated. I started adderall recently. Seemed to help but still I am not very functional and deal with depression or sleeping too much. Lack ability initiate and maintain routines

Hi. I have been on 300mg of Wellbutrin AND 40mg of Vyvanse for quite a long time. My desire for socializing has always fluctuated a lot from month to month and season to season. I have 2 little ones and i stay home with them so i am almost always eager & greatful when i get the chance to escape for a kidless social activity. I was prescribed wellbutrin FOR depression and to control my nightime eating. Ive always been someone who seeks "dopamine hits" through food. It hasnt worked for me for that. It did for a while though. This combo does enough for me that taking it is much better than not taking it but i still dont feel awesome and i become less and less satisfied as time passes. Last year i saw a new psychiatrist (i moved) to try to see if there was a better fit but after trying a few different things (that made me nauseous) i ended up back where i started. Not sure if this helps you at all... sorry, i got distracted 😉

Im on 150mg of wellbutrin whichbwas added to my zoloft which I was taking for depression. I think no matter what the prescription, after awhile our body adjusts and adjusts until its no longer as beneficial to us and I think doctors sometimes switch regimines after awhile because of this. Good luck. I am having to up my dosages again because of this but at some point they can only prescribe so much so I will have to try somethimg new for awhile which scares me.

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The zoloft really helps with the gloomy in interest. Maybe they can add it to your regimine?

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