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ADHD in the workplace research


As an adult who was diagnosed with ADHD just 2-3 years ago (in the common manner of first having a child diagnosed), I have wondered about how people like me have managed to succeed or even thrive in the workplace. I have wondered what difficulties and obstacles others have faced, and what kind of support they have found as they manage their disability at work. I have looked for literature in communication and other social science fields on how workers manage their ADHD at work and not found much at all, so I decided to jump in and do it myself! I have a brief (5 minute) electronic survey that I'd love for folks to participate in, if you are so inclined.

Are you a working adult with ADHD? Or are you currently parenting a K-12 child with ADHD? A new research program in Communication Studies at Creighton University seeks participation from individuals in either (or both) of these categories for a study that looks at the social, relational, and communicative aspects of ADHD. Please consider clicking on the link below to access the very brief (5 minutes or less) electronic survey.

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Crud...I got screened out because I am not currently working. I guess my coping strategies were not sufficient to hold onto my job.

Anyway, I wanted to point you a good podcast that I listen to. Taking Control: The ADHD Podcast ( is hosted by a ADHD coach (Nikki Kinzer) and her ADHD cohost (Pete Wright). They do a great job at looking at nuts and bolts strategies looking at different software options, organization techniques, etc.

There are some other good podcasts out there (I personally like ADHD reWired with Eric Tivers). They have some very good practical advice also but they probably spend more time on the emotional barriers.

I personally have a hard time with implementing strategies because it is particularly hard for me to make anything habitual (this might be more of a result of my dyslexia). I start to get something in place and I cannot seem to keep it going. Anyway, I am still searching and would be very interested in what you learn.

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Thank you for trying the survey, and sorry that you are struggling. I really hope my research will eventually be useful to folks. Thanks, also, for the podcast ideas. I look forward to checking them out!

I'd love to take the survey, but like Wylly, I can't hold down a job because of my ADHD. I will look into that podcast. I've been unemployed for 4 years now and starting to feel pretty hopeless. I'd like to know how adhd adults can manage to stay employed! I'm interested to see the results of your survey.


Thanks for providing link to survey. I am a very willing participant bc I am hoping ADHD awareness in the workplace will be impacted by the research process.

I myself have had limited success in the typical workplace d/t my ADHD.



I would be more than willing to talk to someone. One problem is i cant stop talking. Lol.

I struggled answering your question about working. The reason is I lost my job about 3 years ago and have had a very difficult time trying to find work My plan was to stay home and sell stuff online. I got a ton of stuff to sell. Ask me how many listing I done. Well, maybe you shouldn't ask. We are barely getting by. I know I need to do it, I just keep saying I'm gonna do that in the morning. I need someone to get going, get me rolling, I have no help or support doing it. I have no close friends, my best friend died a couple years ago and I haven't had one since.

I don't have any young children, but to of my sons have been diagnosed with ADHD. They struggle with it as well. My youngest was diagnosed in 11th grade, my middle son when he was about 19. My oldest is the only one who isn't. This is a very stressful disease. I wish you the best of luck with your survey.



I'm sorry, but it sounds like I can't take it because I'm not working, either. I left an analyst job last year because I'm not a kowtowing scapegoat and decided to return to school instead. I hope you're able to get some responses. It's just that so many of us get fired and/or walk out of jobs where we're stuck with dickheads.

Wow. So I’m not alone at this unemployment /d*ckhead boss/scapegoat/questionaly if not wrongfully terminated path. Note my handle sometimes a hammock or a swing is what I need to try to get my anxiety to lessen. Mindfulness is a new hope for me. And learning as much as I can. I appreciate all of the posts and the link above.

Seems like there are so many of us who are struggling, for me, in private, or at least unemployed and not able to get back on track. The pain of not being able to provide as a single parent, not being able to get the latest job interviewed for...such a 360 change from the first 25 years of my career. Now? Totally new ballgame and I am so unprepared to play.

Knowing I’m not alone and learning from others is a huge help.

Thank you and good luck with your research!

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