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Every day is a new day


60 year old woman- Adult ADHD, mild OCD, Major depression and anxiety; currently in check with a mix of medications. I( am so grateful to have a brilliant psychiatrist). I had severe PMS (PMDD) and rough menopause. My working in 12 step recovery, having some great therapists and a couple friends was key to my survival and growth. I now live a rural and solitary life in Central FL. Glad to have this forum for some connection to the community of 'unusual brain types'. I don't use computer much. And yes, music and dancing, are key components for me.

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Yes, I agree with you. I'm mid 60's and have found music and dancing as fantastic outlets...

when I need calmness, music helps, and dancing when I need excitement, also exercise (to Zumba).

Thank you for your reply. I appreciate feeling like I know about a kindred spirit now. :-) Happy New Year. I am as usual, grateful that the 'holidaze' are over. Yesterday was a tough day- fighting self pity/poor me's blues. I sang some affirming songs and had phone conversation. But did not go out to any live music events.I wanted to go dancing, but I live in a rural area and didn't want to be out driving on The Big Party night. (If I could stay focused on some Year End/New Year purging old papers, clutter, etc that would be great!)

Music, singing and driving combined is very therapeutic for me. I drive a Honda Odyssey van that has a hard disk drive in audio system. So I have all my favorite music on playlists. I did a couple of errands and played positive songs. That was very helpful. Tonight I may go hear my favorite live band at an oceanfront bar and grill. I invite you to join, at least in spirit.

Sounds wonderful! I stayed in for New Year's...everyone was tired except me 😁. Keto coffee gave me lots of energy!

Keto is great. Enjoy reading the posts here. Nice to know I’m not alone in my battles.

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