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How every one is doing?


Hey all just passing to ask how everyone is doing this month?

Many times in my life I just wanted someone to asked me that, so I thought, how many of people are feeling the same.

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Thanks 🙏 I doing good today, I got up and went to work this morning did 6 hrs. And when I got home I got to tidy up my studio/office/art room. I bought a couple books I’m excited about: tarot and auras

How are you doing today?

Inarticulate in reply to Lovinit

That’s a pretty good day!

Hello - thank you for asking. Made a good start on today, though slightly behind already because I didn’t so something yesterday that I now need to do today! Otherwise ok and positive about what I do have to do.

I'm working from 4pm until 1 or 2 am most nights and I feel like I'm caught in a cycle where I get home from work and then want to stay up even later on my computer for a few hours before bed and then I sleep in until like noon and don't get anything done (dishes, laundry, habits I wish I had, things I've been putting off indefinitely...) because I feel like I have no time before work. there's 100 productive things I want to do in a day but I rarely make myself do even one thing. I just started working full time in the last 6 months or so and it's been hard managing my time. I also recently got back on my Concerta prescription so I can't smoke but I REALLY like smoking and the concerta isn't making all my problems go away. Congratulations you have been the lucky winner of my rant.

Emready in reply to bennett629

Give it some time, and give yourself a break. Nights are really hard on a person. Hard for anyone to get much done. Take it one day at a time and wgwn you start getting home stuff done, the accomplished feeling might foster more of that productive behavior. Routine helps too sometimes. Hang in there.

Nick1913 in reply to bennett629

Hi Bennett629,

Working second shift is tricky, I did it for a number of years. Having a routine helped me a lot... I woke about 11 and got my coffee, then cleaned the kitchen up and got ready for work.... I lived alone at the time so I kinda did whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.... I had specific days for the chores I didn’t like.... Wednesday was laundry day and Thursday was dust and clear day.... Sunday night I would do bills and plan the week... I don’t remember what I did the other days but it was pretty much a routine thing at least for me.... I did notice that I kept going to bed later and later as the week progressed, so I picked a time to hit the sack even if I wasn’t exhausted.... if I remember right 130-2Am was sack time.... I recently learned that computers emit blue light that will keep you awake... there are programs and glasses that can cut it down...

Hopefully there is something in there you can use

I am a lucky winner of your rant! Yaaaay! Normally, I don't feel that positive about it, but I really appreciate your rant today. I can relate to what you are saying. When I used to work 3rd Shift at Krystals, I stopped practicing a healthy lifestyle and end up constipated and fatter! That was hard on me as well. I discovered 3rd shift is not for me!!

Don't get me stuck on being on the computer or smart before bed! It takes me hours to get off those things. One thing lead to another and the next thing I know, it has been hours and end up going to bed too late. And I can relate to having so much to do that I end up doing nothing (overwhelming!), especially when I was all or nothing. I have learned to break it down into baby steps and maybe just choose one.

Is Concerta one of those medications that takes about 2 weeks to be effective? Please keep us updated on that. I feel I can learn from you and everyone else as the newbie! Thank you for sharing. Perhaps, I will share too.

PriP in reply to bennett629

I have the same feelings, I want to do things but everything is so distracting.

PriP in reply to bennett629

I have so much to say to you, but my English sucks, so is hard to put down in words something, but do not overwhelmed yourself.

How are you doing today? Things are decent over here. Getting some important and tedious stuff done that I put off for years. Ugh!


PriP in reply to Emready

I found myself another job, so I'm good too, but I'm scared, because my boss at the old job told me that I'm not a good employee, that nobody liked me over there, she was a horrible person to me, but I believed in everything and used to put myself down. And now I'm scared, what if I'm not good for real, and the ADHD is a little responsible for that.

FlowerwithADHD in reply to PriP

Do you have friends or associates on the job? Maybe you can get a second or third opinion. You don't want your boss to isolate you and cause you to be more vulnerable to her abuse.

If you do not have that foundation of trust, do not indicate it is the boss saying these things to you. Keep her anonymous to avoid creating more problems with the boss. Keep it about you when you seek support and validation. Let us know how it goes.

Thank you PriP

Having some one ask that question, feels nice.

How are you doing?

I agree, it truly is.

Thank you for asking. Since Bennett shared his situation, I figure I would take a chance and open up and share mines. I am usually a positive person and friendly.

Today, was a good day (always are on Sunday mornings) until this lady has got on my last nerve today. I tried to be nice and inclusive towards her at church, in spite of her mean tone of voice and lack friendliness towards me. She chose the wrong day to speak her mean ugly voice to me. I broke the social code, whatever that is, and did not feel up to the fake nice stuff when it is not real. I don't want to play that game.

I want to keep it real by ignoring her existence. She is nice to everybody else but not to me. And I don't think the few people involved understand how I feel and how I tried to over looked her meanness and be nice to her. I don't want to do it anymore. I don't like mean people. I am happier without them in my life. Life is a much more wonderful place without them in my personal space. I don't mind saying hello to everybody. I like being friendly and distracted away from their stuff with my ADD. That does help to be distracted. :-P

I am just sharing a little of what I just went through and found it to be stressful, but I wonder should I have posted this nonsense on here. I can always delete it later, I hope. Sundays is usually my best days where my dopamines is raised higher. But not today. I am wondering should I leave the congregation to avoid her or should I just ignore her existence. She is not worth it to me. She appears to be a miserable person. So I tried to be nice and friendly towards her. I don't want to do it anymore.

I have my good days and bad days. Today I'm doing ok. There are days when I feel like I miss meeting new people who understand me. Don't judge me the first time they meet me. My boyfriend gets me and sometimes not. He is supportive to my ADHD, depression, anxiety. I did have some friends but they either moved or got married and had kids and don't have time to get together. It's been hard sometimes. I'm glad I found this group so I'm basically a newbie.

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