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How does the sun effect you?


I live in Maryland where the weather is always pretty temperate. However, mostly in the summertime, when it has a tendency to get sunny and hot, my impulsivity and excitement seem to go pretty rampant.

I mean- if it weren't for the fact that I've managed to tie the "episodes" pretty closely to the presence and absence of the sun, I'd be left to conclude that it might be hypomania. Do any of you notice that the sun seems to affect you like this?

Sometimes it makes me so euphoric and excited to take on the world that I just get generally hyperactive, impulsive, and want to do crazy things- like throwing a huge dance party or building some new world-changing invention. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about it, because I honestly love it, but I'm curious if anyone else experiences this as well.

I started becoming more aware of it about 4 years ago. before then, I just wasn't aware, however, when I look back through my life, I notice that every year from Spring to Fall, I've always gotten that way. Even in high school, when the school got out for the summertime, I couldn't contain myself. I was restless and often found myself getting very bored doing what all the other kids did. So I'd often devise crazy ass ideas (like parties, etc...) and often I'd be the energy that everybody followed; since they often had nothing better to do, lol.

I'm not ashamed of it. In fact, I actually look forward to it every year. I'm almost wondering what would happen if I moved to a place further south that got more persistent sun throughout the year. Anyways, I'm curious to know if anyone here understands what I'm describing.

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Sounds like the weather feels good to you. I get so excited when it rains and even more when we have lightning rain storms

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