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I’m new to this adhd support group and looking for advice from people who are successful with coping

Hi I am a 42 year old husband to a wonderful supportive wife and father to two great kids that I believe have mild adhd. I had been suggested that I have add when I was in my 30’s and I have always seemed to know that I think differently from everyone else. I have been taking medication for treatment add and depression. For the past 5 years I have been finding it more difficult to concentrate at work and find fulfillment at hobbies I once enjoyed. So I payed to see a psychologist and he confirmed that I have a moderate to mid case of add but also he also explained that I am experiencing a burn out as well. I have asked for a change in meds to help but I think I need more coping measures. I have particular problems with completing tasks (work or home) due to confusion (brain fog) or fear of failure. Can anyone out there relate and give me advice that they do to overcome?

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I would definitely recommend supplements to take along with your medication. I am not sure what type of medication for Adhd you are taking, but if it's a stimulant medication, then I recommend specific supplements. The medication alone cannot help people with ADHD without bringing unwanted side effects after continuous use. It sounds to me like some of your neurotransmitters might be depleted because of the continued use of the medication without the the help of supplements to help those depleted neurotransmitters rise back up.

I would highly recommend these three supplements

1. PS100: this will greatly help out the brain fog and help you think sharper and more focused.

2. N-Acetyl Tyrosine: This will greatly help you with boosting drive and motivation, and especially concentration.

3. Tryptophan: This will greatly help reduce anxiety and will help you relax and be in a better mood.

Here are all the supplements I take (it includes the 3 above) , how they help, and why I take them. Just incase you're interested.


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