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I can't file papers because once they are out of sight they are out of mind. At my job I have lots of devices to remember how to operate and lots of case management policies I need to remember. Having all the documentation on my desk is not productive.I am trying 5x7 index cards for info on devices but I can't do that with everything I need to remember. Any ideas

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I dunno how you feel about using technology but this sounds like a great scenario for using something like Evernote or Microsoft OneNote (I like Quiver on Mac especially).

I can’t do paper *at all* - it all gets lost too easily and I can’t ever put anything back where I found it. Digital notebooks were easy for me to organize by topic, updatable/usable from multiple devices, and if I can’t remember where I wrote something down I can just plug a few words into a search bar.


I have a similar problem at work. What I do is every morning I open up my “Notes” Word Document on my computer and I leave it open all day. In there I’ve written down any important information I may ever need, and I keep adding to it as needed. Then, for example, if I’m ever wondering how much power one of our heaters require, I just do a find/search in my “Notes” document for “power” and it takes me straight to my Power Requirements section. I hope that helps!!

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I too use Evernote and other technological devices. They help a lot.


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