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Don't know

Hello everyone,

I just want to ask some questions or just want to let it out . Sometimes i feel it would be better if i run away from reality because i am good at nothing , i really just want ro be alone for sometime currently i live with my parents and i really get irritated with them all the time . Its not even there fault but i dont feel good . I have everything to cherish my life , i am so lucky but still i am not satisfied or say internally happy. My emotions goes uo and down like i cant even express. I hate living like this its just because of my dreams i am crawling foward but i hate it. I just want to be left alone , i want to live in mountains for some time , i love nature, i wonder if anyone else can experience something different when on a trek or camping at heights.

I am really fed up of myself , i am getting best treatment , everyone is soo supporting around me but still its like never ending struggle inside my brain . I hate living like this , i wish no parent get a child like me , its so difficult to tolerate me i know.

Someone told me miracles do happen.

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hey there, I saw that you were newly diagnosed with ADHD (in the other post) and that you currently living in India I suppose?

I think it's normal to experience what you're currently experience.

I too was recently diagnosed with ADD (summer this year). and all the frustration that you've been feeling, I too experience it. Sometimes I also wants to just quit everything, and that's it. But it doesn't solve anything. I also felt like I'm ungrateful spoiled brat, but at the same time, I also can't help it. So all I can do is try to manage all of it.

I don't know if this would help, but do you like to write?

Maybe try writing stuff that frustrates you. For me it helps at least half the frustration.

For me, after I write what my problems are, I feel like apparently it's not as big as I thought it was, so I also feel calmer.

And try to think, what stuff do you enjoy doing? Like listen to music, read a book.. etc....

try list all of those.

I hope this helps!

** your surroundings are supportive and there for you, but they can only do so much. These things you have to work on yourself as well. :)

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Hey thanks you so much

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no problem! Glad to help :D


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