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NLP ( neural linguistic programming) Hypnosis for ADD

Hi everyone🙋🏻

I've just found out 3 weeks ago I have ADD at the age of 45 and so as you can imagine its in a sense a relief to realize why I struggled all my life and hid my behaviors, overcompensating rants to show I'm not stupid and what can look like rudeness laziness unsocial behaviors, why learning took double .. triple .. quadrupole efforts of regular people.

I'm overwhelmed right now because I'm out of work at home in the day time alone with my annoying brain and body disconnect. Husband needs me to get a job asap and gets annoyed at me thinking I'm not helping him. I understand his frustration but I'm doing my best. Fourth job in two years and I'm worried about finding work that I can deal with.

I've had years previously been into hypnosis and it evolved in the last two years into NLP ( neural linguistic programming ) hypnosis with Derek Chapman life coach ( he's on FB ) who does Skype & FB treatment FYI . 👍🏻 He got to the root of my then issues including depression and after three sessions to this day I have not had my depression return. Although he hasn't done ADD to this point he is happy to look into it and work with me . Right now I can't afford it but I'm have the app from Joseph Clough downloaded because I had been using it to help with the many separate issues I've been juggling. I found the ADHD download and have been doing it every day for the last two weeks. You have to keep at it because the longer the issue has been around the longer it takes the subconscious to disregard the negative behaviors and take on the new suggested ones. So right now I'm giving that a full on chance.

Is there anyone out there who has NLP hypnosis experiences of recovery?


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