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Hi everyone, I'm a 58 yr. old female with ADD. I don't say ADHD because the H stands for hyperactive and physically, I'm not. I began to suspect that this was what had been wrong with me when my son was being diagnosed. I later decided to have myself tested and upon getting the results, that I do have ADHD, I was kind of relieved that I wasn't just crazy my whole life. I also felt hopeful after seeing what a huge difference medicine had made for my son. He was doing great now in school. Unfortunately, every med I tried did nothing and I had an allergic reaction to two of them. So now, 14 years later, I'm right where I've always been.

I also have RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) which is kind of a double whammy.

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Welcome! From what I understand finding a medication that works takes trial and error. I have literally tried all of the medications but the only ones that work for me are Ritalin and Ritalin SR. Unfortunately, Ritalin SR is from what I understand only available in 20mg and that is too much for me. One of the most frustrating parts of finding out what works for me, is how unbelievably hard it has been to find a doctor willing to prescribe this medication.

Chadd.org and the Understood youtube channel have a lot of information available

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how do I reply? I tried to respond to other posts who replied to me and they all ended up in my email??

What am I doing wrong.

I also wanted to respond to Gabesmom594 I have a similar issue.

thank you



I can relate and it's a very hopeless feeling.


I just read ‘Finally Focused’ by James Greenblatt (which was recommended by my boyfriend who is in the mental health field).

He lays out a lot of non-medication interventions he does with his patients, such as nutrition and mindfulness practices.

It might be worth a look if you’re having bad reactions to medications. I’m working to implement some of the strategies into my life right now.


Thank you for that. I'm definitely going to check out that book. I hope you're able to find what works for you.


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