Accountability partners? I am looking to collaborate.

Accountability partners? I am looking to collaborate.

Accountability partners? If you are interested in a daily check-in on your projects and mine, we might collaborate. I am hoping to hear from very goal-oriented people - lots of horsepower, but perhaps a little scattered (like me). My background is corporate management consulting, tech startups and market research.

Like all of you, I am super-smart and highly-motivated. My challenge is staying organized, focused and on-track in ambiguous situations (i.e. life). Send me an email if interested and let's discuss. Age / background unimportant. Commitment is. Thanks all!

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  • I would be interested, however, knowing myself as I do, I need someone with whom I can physically meet on a regular basis. Email and chat are not enough for me. I too am a consultant, and sometimes being self-employed bogs me down in the details of the business and not billable time. Now if there are those in the western suburbs of Chicago, or on the Virginia Peninsula. let's talk.

  • Hi. Thanks for getting back to me! I am in the Southeast these days, so it wouldn't be possible to meet face-to-face. If you decide that virtual is a possibility, please let me know. I've had some luck in the past with using shared documents on Google Docs to keep up with progress towards goals.

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