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Suffering on daily basis(work,personal life)

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Hi everybody, my name is soufiane im 23 years old from morocco, lately i was scrolling on my instagram page when i saw a meme about ADHD patiens, at the begining it was funny as it was a bit simillar to my self.

so i desiced to look further more on this. after so many reserches, i understood that i might be having adhd.

then i started digging more, making phone calls , looking on groups, basicly done everything and looked averywhere.

and came out that morocco does not consider adhd as a disorder as well all it medicines are porhibided or banned in the country.

till one day i met one lady on the hotel that i work for she is a military teacher as well she starts he PH in adhd which she confirmed the same.

we tried togher to play games as a practice to reduce the tension _chest_domino... but still the same.

she sugested to go out of country to get profissionaly diagnosed and get help plus medicine required but due to my salary count, i will not be able to get visa to the nearest countries, either spain, france, uk or any.

now i am desperate for help.


soufiane brahimi

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Exercise can help. My husband says it helps him. He has never been formally diagnosed, but after learning our son has ADHD, my husband suspects he has it as well. Running daily reduces his stress and helps his mood and focus.

Also check out There’s a ton of good information on that site. You will find it useful.

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