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I'm a Parent who has ADHD

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Hi everyone,

I was just diagnosed last month with ADHD - almost one year after giving birth to my first child. I understand that this group is for parents of children with ADHD, but I'm curious if any parents here have ADHD themselves?

My daughter will turn 1 in October and I find myself challenged when she experiences big emotions (we're just starting to enter toddler time here). Patience has always been a struggle for me, and now that I'm aware of my diagnosis, I'm wondering if any ADHD Parents have any tips for how I can be a better parent to my daughter and mitigate the frustration I feel when she has a very typical toddler tantrum. We're trying to go with the respectful/gentle parenting style. (And honestly, tantrum feels like too strong of a word to use here...she's a very easy going kid, which is what makes me feel a ton of shame because my patience wears thin so much faster than my husband's does when she is upset or cranky).

Any resources or tips on how I can manage my own behavior better as a parent?

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My husband has ADHD age 52. Very hard battle for him especially when it comes to our children, now age 22 and 19. My daughter 22 also has ADHD. The two of them are in a constant battle and I am usually in the middle trying to calm everyone down. My son usually disappear into his room and stays out of the way when the battle starts.

My advice to you would be to seek counselling from an early age where you and your whole family can participate. Learn to understand each other and how to communicate with each other, because it will affect your whole family.

My husband and daughter still struggles with their relationship because we did not give attention to this from an early age.

Things that helped them communicate was to sit down, holding one another's hands, looking each other in the eye's and repeating what the other person just told you. This forced them to actually listen to what the other person is saying, rather than just reacting.

I hope this gives you some answers. Good luck and enjoy your beautiful baby. They grow up very fast.

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