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Emotionally Exhausted Parent


My son who is 10 has been diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder, depression, and was put on ADHD for a brief time from his pediatrician until she felt more comfortable referring us out to a psychiatrist which got no one as she didn’t think he had it eventhough he couldn’t even sit still in his chair just talking to him. He’s impulsive, grades slipping, lost of focus/motivation.

I deal w/ ADHD also and I know how it feels when my meds have run out. But how as a parent do you deal with the emotional exhaustion of it all?

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Just taking it as it comes. Since birth, we’ve experienced many different things with our daughter (7). I just keep saying “this too shall pass”. In good times (when we have them), just love on them more.

The first psychiatrist I took my daughter to, the mother of the Boise I'm now helping to raise, told me she wasn't cooperative. That was one of the reasons she was going to a psychiatrist. I found someone else quickly. Not every doctor or counselor is a good fit.

School should be able to write up paperwork that you can take to a doctor to show them his struggles. Don't give up keep searching until you can find someone to help you

There is a lot of exhaustion in raising an energetic child. Lots of positive moments mixed in with tough moments everyday. When I started educating myself about ADHD and learning how to best respond to my son, things got a little easier. When I respond with frustration and yelling he yells back and we would just get into a yelling match.....when I respond with understanding of his feelings his irrational behavior subsides (most of the time 😉) and we can talk about it. It is constant work on my part to regroup my feelings and thoughts when he gets so upset. Staying calm is no easy task, so I pray ALOT for myself and with him 😁. Monster mom moments still happen, but I learn from them Everytime! You are not alone in this exhaustion and you are doing an amazing job!

I can share with you that running has helped my mental state and emotional state. If I can’t get out for a run I am a hot mess. My husband now knows and understands how important it is for me to get out there. I have read several articles on how running is so good for depression as well. Maybe give it a try???


You all are such a big help. You don’t even know. Our relationship feels like it’s failing and he’s only ten and I feel like I’ve failed him as well as other doctors and “psychiatrists”. Although his bio dad left when he was two, they tend to lean on that as the source of his behavior. Very well could be a small part, but not only is that teaching my child to play the victim role and use the “I act this way because my dad left me” but it’s also ignoring what actually might be an even bigger part of the problem. Totally aware that a lot of what we were exposed to can affect us in our adulthood, but I hate when doctors want to use that one life event as the source of EVERY single problem...ugh

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