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Hello, has anyone tried Brillia? It’s an all natural pill for kids & adults with ADHD. My 18 is weening off Adderall (to join the military) just wanted to give him something to soften the blow. Thanks!!

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Yes Brillia was suggested to me on one group by an awesome lady and she told me that Brillia has done great things for her daughter I wanna say her daughter is about 16 or 17. On her advice I tried Brillia for I think may be 3-4 days, I noticed positive changes with it for my 16 yea old son but it caused nose bleed for him. I stopped immediately. My son gets nose bleeds from lots of things For me I just take it a sign that it might be too much for his body, however Their representatives are very nice and helpful. I got my refund back so It was okay experience for me, I read great reviews about it online unfortunately it didnt agree with my son's system. Good Luck to you :)

Hello, I was curious about weaning off Adderall military. Does the military not allow someone to be on Adderall? Best to your son in his endeavors.

Hi, no they don’t. For Air Force you have to be off AHDH medication for 2 years. The other branches is 1 year. So he can’t enlist now, even if he wanted to. So he is going to college, enroll in ROTC and enter as an officer. That way he will have more time to ween off ofIt.

Interesting. Good luck to your son. Hope he enjoys college and ROTC .

Does the military object to non-stimulate ADHD meds? That might be something to consider.

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No medication, stimulate or not. That’s why Brillia caught my attention, it’s all natural. But he is taking Dopamine, which is helping with him being weened off