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Parents who disagree with treatment

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My step son is 6 years old and has not been formally diagnosed with ADHD yet. The school and pediatrician won't test him because of his age. My 11 year old son has ADHD and it runs in the family. I'm not an expert but I know ADHD symptoms all too well. Our 6 year old not only has issues with impulse control but is displaying more signs of agression. He failed kindergarten and his behavior is interfering with his ability to learn in a new school. Just the past month, he has tried to burn down his mother's house, tried to flood it, had multiple interactions with his brothers where he caused physical harm and the school administrators are already involved with his misbehavior at school. His father won't get him counseling, won't attend a parenting class to learn alternative means to discipline, won't change his diet, won't even read a book on ADHD to learn how to support him. It's tearing our relationship apart and i feel helpless in helping my poor little guy since i have zero rights to his medical care. His biological mom does not prioritize him enough to attend doctors appointments or even show up on his first day of school. Help!

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It sounds like you are it? Since you are the one who understand it, should guide treatment, can you "help" him he get medication by pushing the doctor? Or at least get him some therapy, you could have him go with you and he can learn along the way.

He really need someone.

Good luck

I would get the medication for him somehow. I have ADHD myself as well so I'm going to get medication for myself also, same dosage. It's not as important for me (but I will have it on hand). We will be on the same medication if he were to run low, he can use mine.

Actually, if you have concerns that your child isn't performing well at school and it's specifically as a result of a possible ADHD diagnosis you can request to have your child tested. Ask that your child be evaluated for a 504. Under this circumstance they can't legally refuse to test a child. They are legally required to test them. Collect homework and grades that can be taken to the school, any information which will show how your child is struggling in school.

As far as the doctor is concerned, children can be diagnosed with ADHD as early as six years old, my son was, so don't give up on getting a diagnosis. Consider changing doctors. Here is a resource for information on 504s.

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