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Help, need advice!

My son came home all upset as he was pulled out of class. The Assistant Principal accused him of taking pictures of an exam on his cell phone. My son explained that his cell phone has been with me for the past month. Once they found the boy who admitted to it, the Assistant Principal apologized to my son for accusing him. Should I bring this up to Superintendent of Schools or address this issue further? I feel children with ADHD get treated differently and are always to blame. We have 3 months left of this school. My son wants me to drop the issue but I just wonder how many others have been wrongly accused. Would greatly appreciate your thoughts.

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A few weeks ago my grandson and a few of his friends went to the store before school and missed first period. His friends got one day of in-school detention and he got two.

It didn't seem fair to me but his counselor said it was probably because his pattern of behavior has gotten him in trouble in the past. I just let it go this time


Part of our job as parents is helping our kids be ready for the real world. For me as a parent, the important lesson here is how we handle ourselves when we are wrongly accused (because that does happen in the real world), how we give grace and forgive people when we’ve been wronged and someone apologizes to us, and how we move forward from events like this.

I’m actually pleased to hear the assistant principal apologized to him. That is humbling for an adult and it might make him more likely to act more cautiously next time. And it modeled for your son that we can make mistakes, but that we should apologize.

People are imperfect, we are imperfect, and the life we are preparing them for is going to be imperfect, so imperfect situations are actually great training grounds.

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