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Very Stressed Out Mommy

Hello all i am new here and i have been reading some of the post here. I figured today i would vent a little i am the proud mommy of 4 kids ages 20'16'15'1yr out of all my kids my 15yr is my issue when he was younger he would lie badly about small things he would have theses outburst because he couldn't have his way he was diagnosed in elementary once i figured out what was the issue i made some changes starting with homeschooling and medication this worked great his behaviour got alot better and he seemed alot happier we put him back in public school for 9th grade because he asked and wanted to go back we didn't see a problem but now almost 7 months back we have seen a really bad change in behavior. He is lieing so much he dose things and lies wont take responsibility for what his done to get in trouble just disrespectful so now were in the process of changing his medicine and back homeschooling i feel like we have to jump on this asap before he really get out of control ppl i tell u im so stressed out sometimes i wanna give up but my love for my child wont let me.......Keep yall heads up were really all they have. Thanks for listening.

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My son is a little younger than yours, but oh my goodness the lying seems like it is on auto-pilot. We can watch him do something and the first thing out of his mouth would be, "No I didn't" I am not sure what your son is lying about but his dad had the idea to video him with his phone. He took a short video clip of how he was interacting with other kids. There are also cameras in his classroom at school. I am not sure if this is an option for you, but this is a way to make a point. He had to replay the video at least 4 times and explain over and over before he finally admitted his actions. I don't know if this will help either, but I found that I had to explain things to him in a different way that other kids may not need. For example walking him through the choices of who to socialize and not to socialize with at school, not doing certain things (behaving badly) to gain friends. We also had several meetings with the teacher and principal to emphasize that all parties agree that behavior is not acceptable. You still may get the phone calls from school like I do, but it helps with accountability. Socializing has been a challenge at every school my son went to.

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He lies about everything he got on punishment for something he did at school my husband took all phones games computers away till he earns them back i promise you he came home 4 different times in 10 days with different phones he got from kids at school not to mention cigarettes I've had so many sit downs at his school everyone agrees his well mannered but he just gets right in the middle of things and then lies to get out of it ill differently try what u said ill try anything if it will help Thanks for commenting...


Is he on any medication? My grandson, 13, has started lying a lot, too. I know they don't want to get in trouble and their brains sure don't work the way ours do. Their version of the truth is often different.

I have started saying, you won't get in trouble if you tell me the truth. If he does then we can discuss why he did what he did and how to not do it again. That has helped. These kIds tend to lie and making too big a deal out of it is not going to make them stop. Parenting sites say that makes them hide things more carefully.


Hello thanks for your response. Yes he is on medication Methylphenidate 27 mg with a extended release his been on it sense he was 9 the lieing just started about 6 months ago there's been a multitude of other issue's so lieing is not as bad as thoses I've started to understand that they are different then most kids and dealing with them are different he had an appointment yesterday and was added 2 more things to his medication regiment so we shall see how that works out.


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