Melatonin for kids?

Hi, due to the medication my daughter has started she now falls asleep by 10-11pm and is up right at 6. She is not sleeping like she normally did. I've heard people give their child melatonin. Can you provide me with which brand you use? And the dose? Thank you


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23 Replies

  • I use Nature Bounty or Nature Mead 3 mg

  • We give our daughter Trader Joe's chewable melatonin. She generally takes 1 but if she's really wound up, then we'll give her 2.

  • Us too. Works well.

  • What kind of medication does your daughter take. Also i it normal for a child to sleep about 7 hours 11-6

  • 7 hours is not enough sleep for a child. Google it. 7 is min for adults.

  • [7 hours is not enough sleep for a child. Google it. 7 is min for adults.]

    Source Naturals “lozenges” which you let melt in your mouth. They used to called “sublingual,” recently became “lozenges.”

    They come in orange or peppermint. They offer them in 1, 2.5 or 5 mg. Try to keep it low. Start with 1.

  • I used Olly (sleep restful) purple bottle. I give my daughter one gummy and she is sleep within 10 minutes at the most. No side effects that I have noticed and she has been using them for about 6 to 8 months now. Great product!

  • thank you for the brand name and grandson will only take his chewable with water (cherry flavored) cause it tastes like antibiotics...oh well, whatever works

  • What store do you find them and what is the dose please? My boy takes a melt under the tongue tablet, but its nearly 2 hours after he eats it that he is ready to sleep.

  • You can actually Google it but I have found it at Target, Walmart and now you can buy it thru Amazon. The dosage is one for a child and 2 for adults.

  • We started our son on melatonin before he was diagnosed with ADHD. I had another parent tell me that her pediatrician recommended it for her daughter so we gave it a try. Our son would fight bed time for up to 2-3 hours before then. It felt like a miracle. But I've done some research and although there aren't any long term studies yet, there is concern that it may affect children's growth and hormones. It is possible that it may also suppress or otherwise destroy a child's own body's ability to create it's own supply of melatonin.

    Has anyone else read/researched this and feel worried about giving their child melatonin?


  • I did hear something about giving it to them may cause some trouble making their own. My son is 14 and takes it. He has been taking it for about 3 years now. He doesn't take it every night but I need to look in to it more.

  • I've also been worried about this and looking into this. Asked 2 different pediatricians, no conclusive evidence that it is harmful. I usually only try to use on school nights. If behavior is already calm I only give .5mg. We try not to use on weekends or over breaks unless our son is too wound up.

  • I have researched and read everything they offered about melatonin. I even asked my pediatrician and she states it doesn't hurt there growth at all. I even had a couple of co-workers give there babies melatonin just to relax there mind at night and they felt refreshed the next morning. So what I did was try the product myself and it was true. So I relieved I have found this product.

  • From personal experience, I'd say you have a right to be wary of melatonin use. There are concerns about longterm effects, but our 4 y.o. daughter had a severe reaction to a very low dose of melatonin (.5mg) after about 3 weeks of nearly-nightly use. Although it seemed to help her at first, around the end of the third week we started noticing some bizarre and uncharacteristically violent behavior in her. She started having major tantrum episodes in which she became unreachable and began hitting, kicking, biting and spitting -- for no reason, just out of the blue. Then one day she had strangely dilated pupils and looked at me and told me I had "three eyes." Well, my heart just about stopped. Then I did a ton more research and found all the side effects of melatonin - and they were ALL happening in my child. Dizziness, tiredness, bizarre eating patterns, dilated pupils, blurry vision, hallucinations, delusional thinking, and aggressive behavior. The only thing she didn't have is a seizure (thank goodness!) which melatonin can also apparently bring on in some kids. The short story is, for a lot of kids melatonin works great and does them no harm, but the longer more complicated story is that there aren't enough good studies out there to demonstrate that its safe and there are plenty of anecdotes out there about melatonin doing messed up things to kids. It was such a traumatizing experience for all of us that my daughter now has lingering anxiety and insecurity from it that will likely take a while to dissipate. I just want others to know the signs to look out for because I had no idea.

  • Hi

    I started about 3 years ago giving my son 3 mg at night. Then as he grew, I gave him 6. Now he takes 5 mg(different brand). He doesn't need it every night. He is now 14 and takes it when he needs to. His psychiatrist approved it.

    My son had been taking inositol which is to help with anxiety in a more natural way than meds. It did help as he was able to quiet his mind quicker and sleep better. This was helping he was on a lot of natural supplements and had to take 3 inositols, which was a lot. so we switched to melatonin.

  • Melatonin is good.. We give my son intuntiv at night at 730pm. Seems to help pretty well. Run it by your Pediatrician first!

  • We use kids Zarbee's chewables. We order from Amazon. They are 1mg. My doctor says it's ok. We definetly use on school nights for our 6 year old. I usually give at 7:20 pm. Right as we brush our teeth. That gives us a 40 minute window before he's passed out. Right back up at 6:15am like clock work. (You will figure out your childs window of time quickly) On days he's already tired I cut it in half. We started using about 3 months after the meds. Definitely a notable difference. My son also enjoys being rested. He tells us he can tell the difference. Hope this helps.

  • I have been using Vitafusion Melatonin gummies for my son and myself for a few years now. They taste great and work wonderfully. He is 14 and I give him 2 gummies. I take two as well and fall asleep within 30 minutes of taking it and stay asleep too! You can find it anywhere....Target, Meijer, CVS, Walgreens etc.

  • I believe the bottle says SLEEP WELL on it. It is in with the supplements and sleep aids. I know many of my friends who use it. They taste really good.

  • Yes it does, it's a purple bottle Sleep Well

  • Hi there, my kiddo, 9 year old son is on Adderall. Kills not only his appetite. His pediatrician said he fully trusted in Melatonin ti helo with sleep. He takes a 5mg melt under the tongue strawberry tablet of Nature Valley. It helps him sleep undisturbed once he is out. Now, its getting him to lay down thats an issue. 😉

  • our nurse practitioner recommended the extended release forms of melatonin. we have ordered on amazon. but not really helping my son stay asleep all night. any one else use this form?

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