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Frustrated and Worried Mommy

My son wasn’t diagnosed at 4 with ADHD and some behavioral disorders similar to those found in Asperger syndrome. He has been on concerta for a while now and his behavior and social skills are not getting any better, they actually seem worse. Needless to say, we are worried sick and both frustrated! Someone recommended that I️ join a support group so as to not feel alone. So here I️ am!

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It feels good to hear ur not alone and to hear what helps and does not help other adhd kids welcome I hope this group helps...


You are certainly not alone. So many of us here are in the same situation. How old is your son, and how long has he been on Concerta? Some of the behavior problems that seem to go along with ADHD are not necessarily corrected by taking the meds and will require behavior modification therapy. Our grandson, who is 9 now, was also diagnosed when he was 4. It was recommended to us that we enroll in a parent training class so we could learn about how to manage his behavior better, since many of the traditional methods do not work that well. Dr. Russell Barkley has written several books and also has many videos on Youtube that are very helpful. We are still having issues with our grandson’s behavior, and I relate completely to what you are going through. Please give us a little more information about your son.


Wow..right there with you. My son just turned four and I'm seriously thinking I need to get him tested for ADHD. He has a lot of the symptoms that I've read about. Especially worrisome is the fact that he has a "short fuse" and overreacts emotionally. He hits when he gets upset and neither my husband nor I hit at all. He does it in school even. He has an incredibly hard time transitioning from one task to another too.


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