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Frustrated :(

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Hello all! I have a 9 year old son. We recently moved to a new school and before care center. My child is having nothing but bad reviews its awful. He had a medication change and now has mood swings and response loudly to others when being disciplined. He is currently on Adderall XR (which i think is causing the Mood swings) and Tenex. He has been on regular Adderall since age 4 and had no issues. I feel like giving up most days. I dont know how we are going backwards when we have gotten so far. Thankfully tomorrow we have a appointment with the prescribing doctor so hopefully he is willing to change the medication. If something doesnt change he will be kicked out of this new care center and he has only been there about a month. UGH Just wondering what medications your child has tried. My son has ADHD and ODD.

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My son is 7 and has ADHD. He takes vyvanse 40mg, but can not swallow pills so I mix in water. We recently moved from NY to FL and I feel he also has been having a hard time with the adjustment. He does seem to stay focused in school most days, but when he comes home I feel like it no longer works for him. It is a daily struggle and some days I really just want to scream. Take a deep breath and just take it minute by minute. I do feel though like my child is looked at like the problem child when he has bad days in school. Talk to your doctor and see what other options you guys can try. I know that I need to start with behavioral therapy because medicine will not fix it all. Hang in there!

I can identify with your frustration. We have a 9-year-old grandson who has ADHD and behavior issues. He is on Concerta XR (generic version) 29 mg. You can look at my earlier posts to see more about him. We are also in the process of having him re-evaluated. His behavior problems are mostly at home, and I am thankful. However, he started acting out more and having more problems when school started. School is harder for him this year and the teacher is stricter. Kids with ADHD do not like change, and I think the move to a new school has probably been much of your son’s problem. If you can find a good behavioral therapist, that would help. Talk to his school counselor and see if there are things she can recommend. As far as the medicine goes, you might need to switch back to what he was on before if it was working well. This group is very supportive and helpful, so stay with us. You are not alone!

Wow, new house, new school, new daycare, new medication - lots of changes These kids don't do well with one change. The XR medication could be too strong or have additives the regular does not that he is having a reaction to. Hope your doctor has some answers.

We went through 3 different daycares through the years. Not fun.

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Hang in there! My son has ADHD and was diagnosed when he was 6 and he is now 8. We have also been through multiple day cares. I think frustrated is an understatement. My son is on Adderrall XR 15mg and Lexapro 5 mg.

I agree with the other replies that the big move and changes are a big factor! My son needs routine to stay on track. I also feel that people in daycare centers do not know how to deal with children with ADHD. They write them off as a bad child and they have no patience.

You and I are the biggest advocates for our children. People will judge us because they think we don't discipline our children when that couldn't be further from the truth.

Sometimes my son has really great days and sometimes I feel like we have taken 100 steps backwards and I want to throw in the towel too.

Things will calm down and he will get in the routine of things at the new place.

The best advice I have received on this site is:

1. Stop caring what other people think. You know what you are doing to help your child.

2. Behavior charts, encouragement, and lots of love go a long ways

3. Don't give up! We are the only ones who will never give up on them!

We are all here for you and going through the same thing!

Stay strong and give him lots of love!

I just want to reply to everyone and thank you for your advice. We actually did the change separately we moved first and I allowed him to finish the school year at his old school and he was in his old daycare till school started. The issues started when he changed Meds which I think are causing the issues at school and daycare. He loves school he doesn't like his daycare but that's only because they don't have electronics. This is the 2nd daycare since school started the first one wasn't his fault they weren't following the law and his pills went missing and a few other incidents. We go to his doctor tonight I can't wait

Hi my soon has the same siafnisia and is 6 years old. Traditional ADHD medication does not work for jim he sows take Tenex and has been on it for 3 yeara. I understand your frustration as my son has been to 8 school. Weve been asked to leave daycare ans private schools. Now that we are in public scool o find ita no diffwrent as these teachers are not well equipped to work with our children inspire of having an owl. I believe my son will fail his way into success when the district will be forced to send him to a school that can work with his diagnosis. Sorry for your troubles.

Can you sit down with the teachers at the care center and help develop a plan for his behavior? A lot of times, ADHD kids get "arrested for resisting arrest" in a way. ADHD kid is doing something trivial like foot-tapping, often without even being aware of it, or missed an instruction. Teacher yells at kid. Kid gets angry, because kid was really trying to behave and got yelled at anyway. Kid gets punished for angry behavior.

But if the scoldings for trivial things stop, then the whole cycle never happens.

Thank you for your advice that is a great idea. I know my child is always asking the teachers how he is doing each day. He does try and I'm sure it's not easy when the teachers get frustrated and then he gets defensive :(

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