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The Good Things

Hi parents, i found myself in a somewhat down on me kinda mood lately! I've realized with all the phone calls home and difficulties we have had lately in dealing with the day to day of my sons adhd issues, i've been forgetting all the wonderful characteristics that makes my son so amazing! He is the most compassionate empathetic child i know! Just last night i was ill with a stomach bug, and he made me a cup of tea, and tucked me in! What a lucky mom i am! I'm wondering what positive personality traits do your children have!? It's always nice hearing about the positives, as it is so easy to focus on the negative!

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This sounds like my son... I was scolding him after practice because of another assignment he forgot to bring home and then he hands me a bag of crackers and says, "here mom I asked for two snacks so I could give you one". I just wanted to cry!


So right. My five year old took 2 snacks to school and gave one of them to a girl that forgot hers. We deal with so much negative behavior, it's very stark and big when he does something like this, on his own. It's encouraging. Small things that offer a glimmer of hope.


My genius daughter comes up with the best, most creative ideas I have ever experienced and she does this at super lightening speed! thank you for guiding us to receive a positive dose!

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