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7 km walk ( 2 min jog /6 min walk)

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A lot colder this morning needed the gloves first time in ages. Walked and jogged to the train station around the trading estate , back up the hill and along passed the bowling club and down by the river, up past the abbey and through the town and back home. Only met a couple of folk out this morning to say hello , oh and Mr D on his way back from his run. I can see I will be wearing more warmer clothes next week for out my walks in morning , cold spell coming in. Back to a nice wArm shower and brekkie before chores. My time for the distance was 1 hour 5 min. Enjoy your day😊

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yes, I took my gloves with me on my run this morning, although I didn’t need them. But I’m ready with beanie and gloves and long-sleeved t-shirt.

But I like the cooler weather. Afterwards, I got the post-run-chills, though. So it was time for hot tea and hot water-bottle. Nice!

Sounds like you had a brilliant Sunday walk!

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