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Running when overweight question

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If anyone could advise me on the following I’d be very grateful. I am significantly overweight (17 stone) and recently bought a running machine to help shift the flab. I started out doing fast walking - 4 miles per hour - but I’ve recently started to crank it up to 5 mph and higher which means I’m running properly. That’s great but I suddenly recalled people saying that running when overweight can damage your knees very badly, sometimes even to the point where an operation is required. So it would good to know if anyone thinks my knees might be an issue given my weight - ie should I stick to fast walking until I’m down to, say, 15 stone? And, because they’re ‘sprung’, are your average running machines better for your knees than running on the street etc?

Sorry for all the questions and thank you!! Ed

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I fear I don’t know anything about running machines, but slow jogging is really as kind as running can be to the knees. See following video:

Slow Jogging (5min) Slow Jogging: science-based natural running for weigh-loss, health & performance benefits

Just today I heard a podcast where they suggested that there seems to be scientific evidence that fit but overweight people live longer than normal weight but unfit people.

So if you can comfortably walk briskly for thirty minutes, you should be able to start a running plan. You probably know that there is a Couch to 5k Forum on Health Unlocked? It’s great, fabulous community. And brilliant support.

So you would get a lot of support from there, including advise to make sure you plan in recovery days, run slow enough so you can talk, etc etc. Here is the link to one of its guidance posts:

And it can obviously be completed on a treadmill as well.

Hope you find the most enjoyable way forward!

Not only your knees you may put undue pressure on your ankles as well. Don't push too hard too quickly, it would be better for you to take it easy and build up to running by building up the muscles around your knees and calves first, at the same time, it will reduce your weight and reduce the pressure on the heart as well

I just wanted to post that I don’t have particular experience on your question, but it’s wonderful that you’re exercising whether it’s walking or running. It’s so good for your mood, brain, body, no matter your weight. 🙂

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