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Hey all, right injured guy here who loves running since last August when I started c25k. Physio has told me to walk. So anything I should be doing while walking?

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Deliberately tighten your glutes?

Raise your knees to hip hight?

Hello you, we will keep you walking On here. When I couldn’t run I learnt to Race Walk. I know some people think it looks strange but i found it great for keeping me fit while waiting to run again. Is it the impact you have to be careful of? Can you strike with your heel and roll and push off from your toes? If you can then you can pick up the pace a bit with your walking. Take care of yourself. Rfc.

Walking wise I can walk on it. I need to keep it moving. When I stop it tightens and then is sore to get moving again.

Here is a link for race walking if you want to give it a go.

Here is a great video of the experts as well. I found this video so inspirational especially when you see the pace they get up to. I have trained with young girls who can walk this sort of pace as I was learning they are completely amazing.


Aw. I found this forum when I was benched from running as well. Depending on your injury, you can pick up the pace, swing your arms, find a hilly route, all to keep in shape for when you can run again. During my injury I'd invite friends for a walk and chat, and it was a great way to keep moving instead of meeting at a cafe or a restaurant. Good luck.

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