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frustrated of Peak District


Does anyone else get frustrated with this app that doesn't take walking UP a hill as strenuous but rapid progress downhill is included in the strenuous log?

As indicated by the title I live in the Peaks and regularly walk up 1000/1500 ft of climb, which can definitely cause an increase in heart rate and respiration, downhill at a much greater speed is very easy ( if you discount knees and hips!)

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I know some technology with out heart rate monitors can be frustrating on the energy expelled side of things. Before I got a activity monitor with a heart rate I could do 30 mins full out on the cross trainer and it measured it as nothing as I didn’t move forward. ☹️.

I agree with RFC. Phones are only so smart, they're measuring your position/distance and probably calculating speed. But a slow slog up a hillside is way harder than a gallop down a gentle incline. I have a fitness watch that shows my heart rate soar sky high on the uphills.

My theory is that the Active 10 app measures the bounce in your step. Thus, uphill, being smoother, would not register, while downhill, with a harder landing with each step, would register on the app.

I think that, as you climb, your heart rate rises due to the physical effort you put in... and walking fast downhill requires your undivided attention to avoid injury, so your heart rate is elevated.

Today I paused the workout for about two hours when I was in a meeting that I did not enjoy - and the meeting was counted as "Exercise"... but the app said I did not use many calories.

Perhaps my heart rate was elevated as I was digesting lunch, not enjoying the meeting ...and my system was replenishing my muscle glycogen?

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