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Hi guys!


I've been away for the weekend - it's my son's birthday - and I've just got home. Miserable weather, but that doesn't put off grandchildren from going outside! So I did get in a couple of unplanned walks! My brisk walking is about their meandering pace, and it was quite funny - the little one kept saying "granny, put your stick down, then you'll be able to walk faster!" If only!?!;) Think I'll be getting up late tomorrow, so won't get out till the afternoon.

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Kay I bet it feels good to be walking around with the grand kids though? It sounds like a restful morning is well deserved, enjoy. Rfc x.

Ha. Put the stick down. That's great. Happy to hear you had some nice walks with the family. I wish my dad would walk with me.

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Hi runswithdogs - I really don't know where I got such an active family from - they do a 10km run daily before breakfast (except for the little one)! It's a concession from them to walk - and I always come back from them newly invigorated!

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