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Hi everyone, new here so just introducing myself.

I'm Kat, and I'm from north East Scotland. I've had numerous spinal surgeries and procedures over the past 7 years which have left me with chronic pain and Fibromyalgia amongst a list of other conditions too.

We have 3 dogs, which I can truly say has been a life changing thing for me. I'm out walking every day, and can total a minimum of 45 miles a week. It's by far easy, I had to learn how to walk again so every day is a challenge literally putting one foot in front of the other, but I keep going as best I can.

Last year I did a challenge for Arthritis Research UK, to walk 10,000 steps every day for the whole of September, and I smashed it (I wrote a blog post about it: wp.me/p5VgTs-rO).

I've also lost 2.5 stone over 18 months and I am now starting to build muscle too.

I'm by far the quickest walker but I do my best to keep going every day.

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Welcome and please give those little darlings a pat on the head for me. Dogs really enrich life and make walking extra special.

It sounds like you've done some epic walks and will be a great addition to the forum. We've got people of all abilities, and distances and we encourage each other to meet our personal goals.

Many of us also have the experience of walking through injury/ailments/chronic health problems, it's been a special place for me personally as I recover from a concussion/brain injury which left me struggling to walk any distance. It's nice to have a place where people 'get' it.


Thank you so much!

Yes I agree, I certainly wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for my dogs, they are the only reason I get up and go outside, and enjoy life now.

I'm trying to challenge myself as much as I can, I miss the days of just doing something for the sake of it, so doing that challenge was intense, emotional and so very rewarding.

So good to be in touch with other people in the same situations as me, I often feel alone in my journey, as nobody seems to understand my limitations and abilities. So thank you for your comment!


Welcome to our little forum. Love the photo. It is so good to hear inspirational stories like yours, it really is a help to others who are struggling, thank you for sharing. There are many who understand on here and our aim is to help and support everybody.


Thank you for having me! I hope to get some inspiration from others too!


Lovely to have you on this forum katwilson04. I think you’re doing great with the kind of health challenges you’ve had to cope with. I admire your spirit and will - I’m not so persistent with my efforts, I must say. Well, 2018 has rolled around and so opportunity for me to push myself more!


I think it's more to do with my sheer stubbornness, but I do try to do as much as I can when my body allows.

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Hi Kat and welcome to the forum! You are one courageous lady! Your story is truly inspirational and I am so glad you have found this forum! Not only will you get support and encouragement here, but other members who are struggling on their own journeys to better health and fitness will be inspired by you!

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Aww thank you very much, that means a lot! Xx


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