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Glorious walking weather!

Four warm sunny days, four posh coffees and 4x3500 steps! Win-win all round! I must admit I'm a little jealous of my neighbour - she did a 14.5 mile walk today! I'd so love to be able to do that. Next week I'm going back to brisk walking for a bit - strangely I've missed it this week and my back's feeling tired, so time for a change!

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Those are some great walks Kay. Sounds like winter is finally over for you guys. Will be keen to hear how the brisk walking goes again.


Hi there runswithdogs - today is yet another glorious day! But this being England, who knows what tomorrow may bring?! I haven't got the strength to walk to the coffee shop today, so I'll make a cup of tea and have it in my postage size garden (thank goodness it's tiny cos I'm not a gardener!) and spend the day being lazy just reading. I do hope summer comes to you soon too!


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