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Wet weather walking

Day off today and raining but I still went for my walk round the park and back like i had planned to which is a 6 mile round walk and I am pleased with myself for making the effort.

At work colleagues have been telling me i have lost weight as I have lost 1.5 stone since December after a health scare which has promoted me to make some lifestyle changes like being more active, changing my diet, managing stress and making more time for relaxation and accepting that there's some things in life I can't do anything about.

My friends say that the consultant will be pleased with me when I see him in April for a follow up and also the practice nurse at the surgery when I see her next Tuesday for a checkup and chat.

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You are doing soooo well jo080448!! You must be so proud of yourself! And yes, sometimes life throws us a curved ball - but you have handled it so well. Changes one's lifestyle isn't easy (been there) and getting used to new routines is hard. Good on you for walking in the rain - 6 miles too!


I think your consultant and nurse are going to be so pleased with your progress. Well done for all you have achieved since your health scare.


That's fantastic progress. The walking and weight loss is great, and even more impressive is taking that time to focus on de-stressing. Stress and anxiety has such a detrimental impact on our health and I think it's often overlooked as something to work on.


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