Know my limit

Just back from my walk - 2500 steps, for the 2nd day!! But I had to push myself quite hard to do it. I have decided to stick on 2500 for the foreseeable future - I don't want walking to become a chore that I dread. I want to enjoy getting healthy! I know you have to stretch yourself to achieve your goals, but hey, there's a place for consolidation too!

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  • Oh Kay50 you are doing so very well, but please be careful. I thought you were going to stay at 2000 a little before upping to 2200, 8 days ago, it looks like you missed that one and went straight for 2500, please stay at 2500 for a while and let your body catch up you don't want to do yourself in for a couple of hundred steps do you? Saying that, very well done for your achievements , your an inspiration. Rfc xxx.

  • Thanks Rfc, I really am going to stick at 2500 now - for at least a month or two. It's taken me 5years to get here and I don't want to be starting at the beginning again from being too ambitious! (Read "stupid"!!!) I so appreciate your support!

  • We have all been there and got caught up in the excitement of doing more, so I totally understand 😀.

  • Consolidation is great. I find easy weeks where you back off the distance is really helpful as well. Sounds like you are doing fantastic.

  • Thanks runswithdogs - I know I walk a very few steps compared with most others, but 6 months ago I couldn't walk to the bus stop without getting breathless! I am so grateful to this walking group for the support - I couldn't have done it on my own! My next goal is to reach 5000 steps by next year!

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