Out Early Took My Dpg

Out Early Took My Dpg

Arrived in Stanmer Park just before 8.00 a.m. Blue skies, a light breeze and plenty of shade in the woods. Birdsong including skylarks, what could be better. Here are the stats, 30000 steps, 254 minutes, 13.25 miles, 170 floors and plenty of cardiovascular. I'm taking part in a Fitbit challenge at the weekend so wish I could include today's stats. Rusty thought it was a bit hot! Daisy 1925.

Photo: Rusty in Stanmer looking over Brighton to the sea but for some reason upside down!

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  • Sounds just the job. I was walking at 9am too with my Alfie, out on the golf course for over two hours, then to the park cafe for a refreshing cuppa. Weather, though beautiful, isn't that good for our doggy pals, he's been asleep ever since. Doesn't walking through woods make you feel great and at peace with yourself. Keep up the good work

  • There are some pretty impressive stats there, well done.

  • Fantastic. Just shows what you can do.

    Very inspiring. Love the photo of your dog - they are wonderful companions on a walk and a constant reminder to get out and about. x :)

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