WOW! What a brilliant day, both weather and exercise wise. My pal and I went to Bridlington on the East coast of Gods Own County(Yorkshire to the uninitiated). We took along the husband, as he needs the exercise too, and spent eight glorious hours walking along the beach and generally mooching about in the sunshine. Arrived home early evening, where Alfie (cockapoo) and I jumped into a lovely shower to wash away the sand and heat of the day. I have just entered all my walking-4 hours- and food consumption, into My Fitness Pal, which reliably informs me I will be one and a half stone lighter in five weeks if every day was like today(if my fairy godmother turns up I'm in with a fighting chance). More realistically however, it has set me up for a continuation of a positive week. Keep up the steps everyone, stay happy.

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  • Sounds like a great day out for all concerned. I love it when my feel like I beat MFP. By doing a really long walk. Keep up the positivity, well done.

  • I love coastal walks sounds like you all have a fab day! 😎

  • Sounds beautiful and a good outing for the whole family

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