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Holiday magic

This week I have seen some amazing wildlife that include a while tailed eagle on its nest on mull Atlantic seals lock Linnet and red kites being fed all on our holiday in Scotland. So much I will remember but I doubt if I walked as much as 5 miles. But by car it was over 1400 miles I am home now I have gained 2 kg in weight. I am not disheartened I am just determined to get back on track. A nice 5 mile walk in the Forrest to start with. Yes I loved my holiday but I am so happy to be home with my walking buddies William and Ellie the dogs

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It sounds really lovely. I am very jealous of the white-tailed eagle!


Thanks. It was a wildlife tour round mull it cost £30 per person it lasted 4 hours and was worthy every penny

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I would love that! It's a shame that it's the other end of the country from me.


Yes its a nine hour car journey for us its not a place we are planning to visit again soon but I am glad we did it


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