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My First thoughts on the new app.

I don't work for the NHS, I am volunteer admin for Healthunlocked, so when things like new apps come out I hear about them the same time as everyone else and have to find my feet with them just as everyone on the forum has to.

I got straight on the case yesterday and asked the tech guys to add the app to our homepage and less that 24 hours it has been done, what a service.

So today with the app loaded on my phone I took it out for a walk. The app is all about getting heart healthy walks in, so it is calibrated to register the brisker walking pace.

I went out for a gentle poddle and in that time it registered 1 min in the active region. My first thought was that's not very encouraging but then I got my head round what the app is trying to help us achieve and I can see it is going to be a very good motivator to get me slowly building up to 10 min of "active10" a day.

The thing to remember is, as with all exercise, you might not be able to do it on day one but don't give up hope, someday down the line you will be doing it and moving on from there. Slow and steady is always the best mantra for exercise.

So my next aim on my little recovery walks is to get 2mins in the active zone if I can, it might not happen next time but I'm sure it will eventually.

i am interested to know how everybody else is finding the app.

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I downloaded it, but soon started to realise that I'm walking more often than not without my phone! In fact, I often deliberately leave it behind so I'm not disturbed and can get some peace and quiet... So the app is a great idea, but clearly not aimed at me!

Saying all of that, I might use it to teach myself the pace I'm supposed to be doing to feel the benefit, then just try and maintain it...


I like the idea of using it like a training tool. I am looking forward to seeing what sort of pace is the heart healthy one. Well when I build up to it. 😀.


Is the app only for iPhone?


No it has an android version as well.


Fab! Thanks :)


what is it called


Active10. It is an NHS app.


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