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Hello All, I'm a newbie and a golden oldie. Happily I am fit and healthy, but since my husband died six years ago I have gained almost 3 stone and become somewhat of a recluse. I feel its now time to try to move forward as I certainly don't want to become a burden to my two daughters. I have a pedometer and am aspiring to 10,000 steps but have only managed 7000 so far due to boredom in walking alone. Wish me luck.

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  • Very good luck on your journey you can do it

  • Thank you.

  • Huge good luck...xx

    Walking is really good..best thing ever for so many reasons..so much to see and time to let thoughts come and go...:) Take it steady and let your distances build..check out the new programme idea on Realfoodieclub 's post..:)

    Keep posting too ?🙂

  • Will do, Thank you......and to think I was so athletic at school, those were the days!

  • Hi there and welcome. 7,000 steps that is a great start. Well done. Please join us on our beginners walking for health group, we need walkers of all different levels and you can really help inspire people who are just starting off.

  • You are doing great. You are doing more steps than me. My best since I got a Fitbit is 5000 steps in a day. Not had many though. Take care xx

  • Welcome. I'm sure you'll hit your goal soon. Nice weather and seeing everyone out and about has been great motivation for me this week.

  • I find listening to music really helps. I use my phone and Bluetooth earbuds or headphones as I always called them. I listen to podcasts too.

    Good luck on your journey x

  • Get a dog it will be a great companion g

  • I would imagine around where you live there may be a walking group you could maybe hook up with every so often. Sometimes there are great walks just on your doorstep, it's just knowing where they are.

    7000 a day is great already, good luck and enjoy your walks 👍

  • I was also going to suggest joining a walking group. Or get yourself a dog (or borrow one). Good luck with your goal!

  • Google: walkingforhealth.org.uk and you'll be able to find a group near you. The walks are aimed at people like us who want to step up their fitness levels. In our area (Sefton) there are walks every day of the week- of varying pace/distance and levels of 'ability'. All walks are led by volunteers and very sociable. Many people attend alone and end up making new walking buddies but if that's not for you you can keep yourself to yourself! It's free and you don't need to book. No big commitment- just to yourself. Try it.

  • Thank you for that.I appreciate the thought, and will definitely follow it up.

  • Someone has already said 'borrow a dog' and I laughed. But it's actually a really good idea. When I'm out walking my two, I am constantly asked if I would be able to walk other people's dogs. Dog owners (especially those who work) are always looking for reliable people to walk their pooches. It could be a good way of getting yourself into a routine and getting some pocket money for your trouble😊

  • Best wishes to you. and a big warm welcome to the forum.

    Is there a walking group nearby? Or an activity club you could join?

    It's so much more fun to exercise with others .😊

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