I dônt Know What to do anymore

Since I'm young I've never had confidence in myself. I just dônt Know What To do anymore Because I feel like whatever I do Im Not good enough And I cant open myself up. I Always feel like Whatever I say its going To be stupid Or Not good enough. Everyone around me Is happy And feeling good but Im just hâted By Everyone And No One wants me. I just dônt Know how To be The girl people love. I feel so ugly And unwànted like There Is No way out, its All a dead end. I just dônt Know What To do anymore. Why do They Hâte me? Why am I Not good enough? What's wrong with me? I cant do This anymore..

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  • Hi Dodo, reading through your post I can see some of myself in it, I've never had confidence in myself ever, it's held me back in my life I've never felt good enough always thinking if I did this or that it wouldn't be as good as the next persons, it's horrible to go through life like this. I never felt I wasn't loved which in my case is a bonus, but I've felt lonely. I'm sure you are loved and beautiful it's probably the way that your feeling that's making you think in this way. Please try and lighten up on yourself and don't think I'm saying this as it's an easy option as I know it's not, for when you are down in the pits it's very hard to climb out again, I always hate when I get told to pull myself together or we don't have a magic wand or pill to make you better. I'm not thick I know this. I also say when I've my sensible head on I know it's only me that can change, but anyone who suffers depression knows it's not an easy thing to shake off. Please know you can talk here anytime night or day 24/7. Take care.

  • Thanks for being There for me And Youre right, when Youre In it its hard To Climb It up.

  • Exactly how I feel Dodo77!!

  • Hi. I understand where you're coming from and I'm sorry you feel this way because I've felt like that too. It drives us crazy when we are so fiercely determined to figure out this why and can never come to an answer. We're knocking on that same door hoping that it will open but no one is on the other side to open it. It will be a lot easier on us if we re-frame our thinking patterns and see things objectively for what they really are.

    You don't have to be good at everything you do. It's simply not necessary. In fact, if you lower your standards or even expect nothing at all, you'll find that you'll actually do better at whatever it is you're doing and probably have more fun with it.

    You say that everyone around you is happy and that everyone hates you, but is that really the case? Can you truly know that for sure? Unless we're in someone's head, we can't know for sure what that person is thinking. We can only assume at best. Our minds are fantastic at making up stories that do not at all match up with reality. You might see other people laughing, but you don't know what's going on with their life.

    The point is if we change the way we think, we will change the way we feel. We don't have to buy into all the things our mind is telling us or answer all of its questions. A lot of it is just hogwash that needs to be recycled

  • Thank You so Much for Your message. It feels so good To Know that someone What Youre going through And feeling, that You're Not The Only One. We dônt Know each other in real Life but eventhough its The case, This Helped me Much more Than Anyone I could Have Talked To Because I çan relate To You, Because You Know What its like To carry that feeling And Not knowing What To do. So really Thank You for Caring.

  • Absolutely! You are never alone. Stay strong, we are all here for you.

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