A man falls down a hole

He shouts up for help to passersby.

A doctor comes by and hears the cries and writes out a prescription and throws it down the hole.

A priest comes by and hears the cries for help. He stops, writes down a prayer and throws it down the hole.

Some time later a friend of the man comes along and hears the cries and he jumps into the hole with his friend.

His friend turns to him and says 'it's good to see you, but you really shouldn't have jumped down. Now there are two of us in the hole.

His friend replies. 'Don't worry, I've been down this hole before and I know the way out'.

From the end of an episode of Westwing about PTSD - during Season 2

Thank you all for sharing my hole with me. Now we just need to figure out which one of us knows the way out :)

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  • Absolutely beautiful Gambit. I hope as you said that we can collectively find the way out.

  • Gambit I like that

    Hope you are feeling much better. You always write such interesting posts


  • Well done Gambit62, very funny. I feel in a deep hole at the moment, at least, this has started me on the uoward climb.

    Many thanks


  • what they need is for a builder to come along to toss them some bricks and cement to build a stair-case, might just take a while to figure out the right cement mix...

  • One of my favourite episodes in one of my favourite series - thank you for reminding me.xxx

  • I am hopeless at directions. Let's hope you're not !! Julie xx

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