Lousy day - pain and depression

Yesterday was dreadful. I could barely manage the essential luggage, then I ended up doing the whole of the rat computer results as well as my Show Sec stuff, and various other bits of hassle as well. The journey back was even worse - walking from the bus to London Bridge Station is such a long way. I sat in the 'disabled' section for assistance off as my back was so bad. It appears that SE Trains think that we need a seat half the thickness of a normal one - more like a cloth-covered board - and with the back having curves in the reverse of the position to accommodate the human spine!

On arrival I was in extreme pain, took a dose of Oramorph and proceeded to itch like mad all night. I gave up on NHS Direct as they were going to ring back in 10 hours - also the person had obviously not been listening. Rang the out-of-hours doc, but he agreed I'd already done what I could and had no further ideas. Tried to ring another organisation - 3 attempts - each replied with 'ring again in 10 minutes.'

Feeling desperately low. Missing morning service, but I have to prepare the PowerPoint for this afternoon's. Don't feel remotely like it.

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  • Hi

    Sorry to hear you had such a bad day, furstration after frustration, life can be soo annoying. Hope today's better for you, Suex

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