I have no reason to be this unhappy

I have a good (ish) life, a family who love me, a darling girlfriend who'd be with me as the world ended, A close ring of people who consider me a good friend.

I go out and socialise most weekends, My jobs pretty easy and it pays well enough.

Iv'e no debt or real worries, no illness or affliction in myself or those around me.

I'm 24 now and I've wanted to die for many years, honestly i don't have a reason why i just don't enjoy being here. I hate almost every day and I have no reason to. If i could I'd live out my days in video games or books, just somewhere not here

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  • Good morning Smiles (I removed the fake on propose ☺) The problem with depression is exactly that, finding no logical reason for it. I went through a phase that I could not even enjoy the things I know make happy, the simple things like listening to the birds singing or enjoying the extended summer we are having. It feels like one is wearing some lents that make the world in black and white. By the little you shared I can tell you that you are in a very good position to turn it around and get back you Smile and your happy self. My suggestion would be since you like books and you can focus your attention on them (that was one of my biggest problems I could not focus my attention and could only read a few pages at a time for a book warm like myself that was terrible) read as much as you can about the subject, discuss it with others who have been there. Take baby steps and be kind to yourself. I can't explain how, but I know that you are a lovely person and that the world needs you. We are all part of a over 7 billions puzzle, if you like puzzles you know how frustrating is to lose that one piece of blue sky right in the middle 😊There is an amazing series called "Touch " that I would suggest you watch, it's free on YouTube, that is what I would call food for thought. You are very much loved, sending you a big hug on this amazing still summer day.


  • Then I urge you to find life in the source of life Jesus Christ - you will find purpose and meaning not in yourself but in him and in others rather than in your own weaknesses

  • not to sound rude but compared to the other two replies this is worthless. take your jesus babble and shove it

  • you don't believe in God then?

  • Depression can hit anybody, anywhere. No matter how blessed they are. The mind can be your enemy or your friend. Maybe you could be clinically depressed. I find medication & taking extra care and being gentle with myself helps, with meditation.Gently steering thoughts from old, murky tracks of negativity. be aware of what you're thinking, step back and counteract and replace a negative thought with a positive one. Appreciate little things and count your blessings. I also tend to avoid too much gloomy news! You'll find your sense of humour does wonders. Anyway, please be patient, it takes time. I hope this is of help. But you have to first help yourself and see your doctor (if you're not already doing so).

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